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Gear quest(s) for Meteor spam & Archon MP5+

Feed back from the Wiz community says that I could go Archon mode or Meteor Shower spam to farm mp0 efficiently. I know cm/ww/teleport and cm/ww/meteors works good enough in my current gear to do mp5 to mp7 ubers. However, I'm looking at the following alternative builds to cm/ww:
- full-time Archon
- Raining Meteors
- Spectral Blade/Slow Time/Meteors (still tied to attack speed to work well)

All three are less taxing on the the fingers and my keyboard/mouse. So I'm wondering if the following would make sense to pursue:
- Wand (900-1000 DPS, socket, 45+ CD, 2.xx LS, some max AP, maybe some attack speed)
- Gloves (100+ Intel, 45%+ CD, 9-10% CC, maybe some vita or armor or all resists, NO attack speed)
- Amulet (100+ Intel, 65%+ CD, 8-9% CC, maybe some vita or life %, NO attack speed)
- Rare Ring (100+ Intel, 8-9% CC, 25%+ CD)

I have a Tal's hat with:
- 180 Intel
- 11% Life
- 6% CC
- Socket
- 247 Armor (666 armor total)

I may have to break the Nat's boots + ring set to use my hell fire ring (187 intel, 5 CC, 14% control impairment reduction, 77 dex, 49 lightning resist). I have 2 other hell fire rings to give to my followers that have 19% and 15% GF respectively.

Would the above push me to 120-160k in an Archon or Meteors build?
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well if ur using tals hat and a wand without apoc then raining meteor build as put together by Emporer is unviable. your going to need 27-30apoc to run it efficiently. if you want to use LL + prodigy to fuel your meteors its a different story.
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I forgot that Tal's hat doesn't have APoC. >.<

I would rather not be locked into using LL + Raining Meteors in MP5+. I do have a Storm Crow hat with 181 Intel, 100 vita (no socket or crit). I'm not even considering Mempo because I'm poor in this game and the AH flippers are on a constant sugar high.
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Would the Tal's hat or socketless/crit-less Storm Crow and other pieces described be enough to push my damage to 120k to 160k for Archon?... and is 120k to 160k damage enough to sustain Archon full time at mp5 or higher?
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What is your budget? I'd keep your current gear set for MP5+ and invest about 25-30m in an archon set for xp/low level farming.

Get a decent trium (500k-2m), a good 1h black weapon with ls and os (900dps butcher sickle with int would probably be more than sufficient and would cost you around 20m), and either zuni boots (if you are planning on dropping nats set for HF) or innas pants to make up the move speed and pick up a little extra dps.

Edit: just read your last post. Sustaining archon at MP1 takes about 150k+ dps. I have no idea what you would need for MP5, but I think it would be at least 300k. Hybrid archon is much easier to make viable for higher MP, but MP0-2 is really where its at for most archon players.
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Thanks for the update ATG...
I don't have a budget as I'm just a poor guy in a hyper inflated econ. trying to progress and enjoy the game.
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