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Error 3022: Cannot get your payment info

I constantly encounter "Cannot get your payment info (Error 3022)" and "Input limit reached" error messages while browsing SC and HC GAH today.

So I have only one question: can't you morons do anything right?
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As am I, I went only to check how my auctions were doing and noticed one of my items that I had put up had disappeared completely, it wasn't in the completed tab or sold.

Now I can't access the AH at all.
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Same error message here this morning on EU server... just to discover that my best for sale item just vanished!!! can someone from tech support look into this issue and let us know Please!
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same here :(
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I was supposed to win 2 items over night and now I've got this error and no money, no items.
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same here, my item has vanished with no paiement, no history... but I had the same error message when clicking on the button to access AH
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i just got this same error today 4 items have disappeared from my auctions
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Yes i just had this error, and 2 of my outbid items not returning the cash to me
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I had the same error as well.
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Just happened to be too..

my highest selling value item is now vanished.

I am bidding on an items for 8.5M Gold also vanished!!!!
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I just noticed 3 items missing from my auction slots, no sold/unsold
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I'm out about 30 million too. Sold a Leoric's Signet for 15mil, didn't get the gold. Purchased a skorn for 10 mil, Wouldn't let me send it to stash, got booted from the game, came back. No skorn, no cash, no auction log of the purchase, or several of my last sold items.
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same problem. I did log into it once but Items that I had bids on are not in my completed tab, nor is the gold refund in the tab either if I got out bid. The items simply aren't listed anymore.

Now I cannot log into the AH at all anymore
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same problem. cannot get into AH and if i keep trying i am able to see that a few of my RMAH items for sale are missing.. WTF. Pls fix this ASAP.
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Same here.
It's been going on for the last few days.
I keep losing 1 or 2 items on AH everytime this message comes up :///
I always have 10 out of 10 auctions on and can't really remember what was it that i ve lost, but this is wrong :(
Please fix it
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Lost 150million gold bracers..... nice.... :(
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Just got my items back.
There is hope
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