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How much is the barb above you worth (v2)

@ coldknight. Hard to view all details on phone but based on ur mempo at least a bil. Interesting build uve got there
Going for kudos. it's a really nice start. You wanna get some average damage on your jewelry, btw. It helps a lot.
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I really appreciate the reply. Thank you for the positive feedback and also for the advice. I am a very new barb so i don't know what i would have to give up in order to get more average damage on my jewelery, much less the cost of it all. In short, you made my day. Thanks again. :D

Your barb around 600mill-800mil
@defkon1 1bil around
@Vincecomen 2.5-3B.

Let me know how far off.
@Rognar ~1B
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^Idk bra, 700m?
#Jho..Idk Price but ill give yah a 9/10 barb, lil thing can be upgrade but a really nice barb, Good job
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700-800m. A bit more if skorn had strength but still a nice one. My witching hour is on my wizard as is my other 100% CD gem.
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300M? Am I way off?
@ Andisheh

Get some Ice Climbers :)

Would love a good price on mine.

Forgot this was the US forums :) <3
^1.8 Bill
@ Greadwan

1+ Bil
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Not sure on prices, only just came back. Would like to see how much my stuff is worth ;\
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Thanks for skipping me Morphx :)

600M. Nothing other than your chest and boots stands out as especially valuable.
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i got no idea really

just wondering what miness worth?


10mil. Due to your gems. =p

800m+ probably.
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