Diablo® III

How much is the barb above you worth (v2)


I'm gunna say 450m?

im 450m and ur 400-500m? lol whats ur dps w/o wotb+BR?

I'm guessing over 1b...You have some expensive gear (EF & IK Irons are nice). With WOTB you're hitting for 23/26 ticks MH/OH...have you considered dropping unforgiven for superstition?

If you can work a little more atk spd into the build you'll bump your offhand ticks up to 30 and that will solve your fury problems (and improve sustain as well).

Also, switching your bash rune to punish would put your tdps over 2mil.

Very nice barb.
bloody.. weird echo u got mate. prolly 1b-1.5b
@PhamineZ wow you have some great gear. Id say 1.5 bil to 2 bil. Crazy!

I agree, my EF is a little different but couldn't pass it up for 15mil...I think the seller forgot a zero....between lucky drops (shoulders & dagger) to serious bargain hunting, I have under 150mil in my barb sans jewels.
My favorite purchase has to be the Tal Rasha chest.... 1.1 mil

Lol..now that I'm thinking about it, my jewels cost more than the gear.
@ImBinky 750mil?
@Light Real nice barb, 4b+
@rouna Seems tanky 300m+
Mines is showin rage dmg unbuff is 180kish
@rouna Seems tanky 300m+
Mines is showin rage dmg unbuff is 180kish

@ genesis 250 on u
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My guess about 200,000,000, But I am no AH expert by a long way. Nice balanced Barb
About 40-50 Mil? I'm no expert either. I'm not a big fan of Skorns but outside of that, I envy all other gear Eribuss has.
@ raghu I guess you just started off. Budget barb I would say less than 10m ?
@ seanyong 700 - 800mil?

You got skipped, about 50mil. why no gems?
@eribuss 100m? maybe?
@dabox - 400 mil ?
dabox 300-500m?
@talic sweet barb! 1-1.5b?
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