Diablo® III

How much is the barb above you worth (v2)

@jujubear I'd say 200-250m ?

@modin 60m
@Modin 100m?

You are pretty close on my estimate... I think I may have spent about 450m in total over time on all those gears (I look for deals, so hopefully I came out ahead!)

For the next person, skip me, already rated!
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Easily 1.5 billion and up I'd wager. The helm and chest are easily 400M or more each!
@chrisbo around 200m?
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01/06/2013 06:02 PMPosted by oudokh
@chrisbo around 200m?

500 mil
My pants were 80M alone lol.
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01/06/2013 06:45 PMPosted by ChrisBo
My pants were 80M alone lol.

@ChrisBo 500-800m
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@doctaphilly 400m?
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@shab6969 600-700m? not good at the guessing game
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@Norsemang 350mil

@narooma 300-400m
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Im guessing around 1 to 1.5 bil.

Nice Barb! Could easily be more, the nice pieces usually add up to more than it initially looks.
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@baller greattt barb omg yout vit! 2bil
01/06/2013 09:09 PMPosted by Erplayer
@baller greattt barb omg yout vit! 2bil

Thanks my Shoulders and Helm are probably worth around 2 bil
@erplayer- not that good at judging but i would say 800m-1 bil due to some good rolls on some of the IK pieces and Witching. Nice barb! Good work!
@uphucnme uhhh 500m? just because of the ammy/mempo it's messy but whatever works :p
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