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Need Help Archon Transition To CM/WW (BUDGET)

just wanted to find out if i can transition to CM/WW build with 200M (changing few pieces from my archon gear) ? i know SNS will out dps a standard cm/ww build but i wont really care about dps... i just want to freeze lock mobs enough and survive long enough for my dps friends to kill them. with that said which pieces should i change for me to make a decent cm/ww wiz
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200M ? + Existing gear? = No problem...
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can i get advise on which gear should i get? so far i have a 1.70 aps chant wand with 10 apoc, 10 apoc storm crow, unity ring (for LoH), 10% cc chant force, and a rare 9%cc 6% ias ammy
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oh and can i add a friendly cm wiz so i can get guidance when buying gear in AH instead of checking back and forth in the forums lol
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The transition shouldn't be too difficult; especially if you're only goal is lockdown for your friends / teammates. I'm an Archon primary with a CM offset and I changed out the following:

Stormcrow for APOC and LOH
Blackthorn's Amulet with IAS and CC
Blackthorn's Pants for Armor, Life and LOH
IAS + CC rare ring to replace your Hellfire (if you want to keep Zuni for 3 set bonus)
IAS Chantodo's Will sub-900 DPS to keep it cheap for APOC
Low Average Damage Chantodo's Force possibly with low APOC (the APOC will jump the cost though) for IAS and set bonus

To be honest i'm not sure the going rate on mid-range items for each of these but I suspect 200M's not out of reach especially if you are going with the primary goal of lockdown for teammates.

As you get more money you can start improving gear to be more effective. CM/WW wizards stat priorities seem to be IAS to breakpoints, CC required for CM proc's, INT (because you're a Wizard) and sufficient damage mitigation from AR and Armor.

My 2 cents.
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Yeah, Justice, you totally can for under that; I made a set for cheap. Someone is borrowing my wand, but all I got was a fast Chantodo's, found a Force, and bought a Stormcrow. I already had a pair of Blackthorne pants from fashion week, so three pieces were all I needed to switch. It worked totally fine.
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whats fashion week and why did i not get blackthornes :(
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thanks to all the peeps that reply :) big thanks to SteelPhantom for guiding on what to buy for gear :)) and only spent 120/200m budget now i have extra cash to upgrade my DH lol
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01/04/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Justice
whats fashion week and why did i not get blackthornes :(

LOL. It was this crazy week where we bought a bunch of armor just to dye it or make colored sets like Tyrael's and Ice Climbers. Got Blackthorne's just to have a set of black, kept the pants for cm/ww! Made crazy crown set, etc.
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^^WTH!!!! there was a week where you could dye ANY legendary piece?! this is the type of things i miss when i take a break :(
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01/04/2013 06:18 PMPosted by Justice
^^WTH!!!! there was a week where you could dye ANY legendary piece?! this is the type of things i miss when i take a break :(

LOL, nah, we just bought crap gear and dyed them. I could actually play in the Tyrael blue fashion set.
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