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Goblin Toes - [Concept]

yes blizz put this in the game.
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We went through this already with the Infernal Machine. Add in all the quirky stuff you want, it doesn't change the problem with the game overall. It is often a tedious bore flanked on one side by lousy, unsympathetic characters we're forced to help out and some of the most cliché dialogue ever present in an adventure game on the other. That doesn't even count how terribly predictable it is! If D3 isn't about the story, then don't bother writing one for D4.

We seem to be interested in adding more frosting to the cake and I don't get why. We don't need more diversions. Improve and enhance the core game, please!

Well, I'm with you on the thought of working on core-game aspects... but at the same time, implementing more content in it's current state gives the community more to do in the interim. Tweaking core elements will be a long process. Adding a new "dungeon" would not.

/Soap Box
With the focus so heavily imbalanced on the equipment, I feel less connected to my character. There is little attachment, mainly because there is little involvement in the development of the character. I love my Skorn, but I don't particularly love my Barbarian.

Auto-stats are a core element that I support, but they should have also been supplemented with (some) manual stat allocation. Such as, each class is awarded 10 stat points per level, with 7 auto-stats and 3 manual, or 6 auto and 4 manual. Then your investment into the character suddenly has a bit of thought behind it, and can differentiate your character from another player's, even if they are the same class. Sure you could dump all into VIT, but maybe you want to balance your Barbarian's stats and put half into STR and half into VIT. Giving the player a choice in the matter makes a big difference. This sort of hybrid-stat system helps guide the less experienced gamer down the class-specific path, but it doesn't completely bottle-neck the advanced gamer into the same exact build as everyone else.

Just some thoughts... :)
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i say +1 as well, awesome idea. there is so much unknown about the goblins i'd like to see a side story from them as well.
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This is relevant to my interests.
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Great post! Thank you for putting it up together, I hope the devs take a look at this and make it happen.
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+1 Great idea. it could be something like if you kill a gob on MP10 it would be a 75% chance too drop..9=65%,8=55%,7=45%,6=35%,5=30%,4=25%,3=20%,2=15%,1=10%
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Great idea. Not the first time it has been posted.

One thing i can add to the discussion is some ideas for the types of enemies you will encounter. We all know goblins would be no foe to worry our selves about. Instead why not have the iron golems return from d2. Or have suits of armor that have been brought to life by greed's magic.
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10/10 would read again.
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Even though the overview made it sound very similar to ubers farming, I like your idea. I honestly don't care how rare the make it, but it better be worth it.

No problems with paragon leveling or ubers, but the game needs more options...as have been enumerated in many other forums seen by the community managers already.

Starved for an update! *crosses fingers for January*
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The best idea I have heard in a very long time. Blizzard please add this!!!!

I am really tired of picking up flawless gems. I miss the ability to at least find higher tier gems like in D2's Hell's Forge quest.

I think if you die in the realm of Greed then you lose a certain amount of gold from each death (goblins robbed you) and you have to spawn back from the beginning. This will give another gold sink and bots can't easily farm this since they have to collect these toes from goblin type bosses to open the portal.

Also, make him look like the Goblin King from the hobbit movie.....


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Like this idea? Well, then try these ideas on for size:

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Nice idea man +1
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I like this idea it's great, but there needs to be a cap on how's my times you can open the portal or it will be abused or make it random like d clone. Have the goblin king spawn an if you can kill him then a portal opens and you receive some sort of me buff as you enter the portal and have a time limit to kill the demons / open the chests that reside inside.

+1 to this thread an op idea
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Wasn't there a Unique set of boots in D2 called Goblin Toes??
This is a great Idea BTW I always thought you should be able to click on their portal and follow them to their realm.
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Amazing Idea!!!

Heres my contribution to this:

I made this concept in 30 minutes... so its has not much detail in it.

I imagine this, a final boss battle agaist Greed, or whatever this fat bastard is called...
You enter the arena, and he is waiting, laughts at you, and then treasure goblins start spaming fron the caves in the sides, these are agressive goblins, and when you kill a goblin, Greed suck the loot with his mouth and start to grow! at one poin he ovolve and start to grab goblins fron the caves and throw them to you, and he has some molten gold cauldrons that use to attack you . When you kill Greed, he explode in a massive golden-blood-meat gore fest... also, he give you all the loot from the goblins.
Hope you like the idea, and w can work toghether to make it better.

Sorry for my inglish...
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this has been suggested before...infact twice within the last 2 months. even i have suggested this in previous posts. yet those past posts hardly got any attention at all.

im not accusing the OP of stealing ideas. infact im glad this post got the attention it deserves when all others before them just got the flick or became ignored amongst the plethera of threads...

I honestly hadn't seen any others so particular in execution to mine, but a link to them here would totally be appropriate - might as well merge all the good ideas into one! :)
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