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Path of Exile wins first place!

12/25/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Iconoklast

So here you went wrong if you know that this is no normal skill tree, its the "passive" skill tree.
Your active skills are seperated from the tree they are items and you socket them in your gear, so this tree is for the stat distribution, and you have a lot to choose from instead of simply str, int, dex.
And there are not so many + to basicstats as you mean, just look between the highways ;)


So this is in the core a real clone of the Diablo 2 mechanics...

Yes I know that skills are gems that any class can use, I don't like that, I think that classes should have exclusive abilities. TL2 is different than D2 in so many ways that it makes it okay to copy mechanics.

POE is more customizable because of this feature. More customization is awesome.
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12/25/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Iconoklast

Are you sure you are really in the beta? On the whole tree there is not a single passive that gives you +5 dex.

Looks to me you don´t know Path of Exile, and don´t know what you are talking about!

It's not a bad game, it's good but like I said it's a less fun version of Diablo 2. Of course it's good, how could it not be, the game design was lifted from a game that's way better.

Then why is most of POE's population made up of D2 fans who think POE is the better more interesting game?
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I would go as far as saying that Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2 offer more customization overall and just as important, there's more distinction between classes in terms of exclusive skills and class design. Now, you can put skills on gems and then let any class use them and call that diversity if you want to but to me it just seems lazy.

This really sounds like you haven't given the game much of a chance. You criticize POE for having stat points at the start of the skill tree that you have to take and yet you give D2 a pass when having friggin skills that you have to use that quickly become obsolete. Thats far worse game design. In POE you can quickly go whereever you want on the skill tree. It has a ton more customization. Have you not watched the build of the week videos? They are just the tip of the iceberg.

Diablo 2 certainly doesn't come even close to POE in terms of customization. POE has class distinction because there are huge differences according to where you start on the passive tree.
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Anyway..well deserved.
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12/25/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Iconoklast
So really you don't get to choose outright what stats you want to apply from the start like you would in D2 or TL2. I would go as far as saying that Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2 offer more customization overall and just as important, there's more distinction between classes in terms of exclusive skills and class design.

TL2 happens to have the same issue D2 had - if you're a certain class, the majority of the time you will put stats in your main stat and then vitality, with perhaps spreading to other stats if there's any sort of soft-cap/diminishing returns or you're looking to equip a certain piece with a particular set of stat requirements. If you're playing an Embermage, chances are you are going to need plenty of mana and magic damage, plus life to stay alive - so anything but Focus and Vitality (at least at first) aren't thing you're going to choose.

PoE follows a similar path, but doesn't lock you in based on initial class choice - if you choose Witch and decide to play it like a Witch, with lots of spells, you'll probably follow a similar path as above - heavy mana and magic damage investment, though you might choose energy shield over health/vitality for survivability.

However, you can quickly shift to using a different weapon (bow Witches were or are popular, I believe) and choose to invest in passives there (things that would normally appear strictly on gear in a game like TL2) such as attack speed or casting speed, critical chance or critical damage, armor, evasion, movement speed, etc...

That's all before you look at Skill Gems (there are over 50 last time I checked), which are essentially the same as skill choices in Tl2. Choose skills, improve certain ones and leave others at lower levels based on your build, obtain gear that supports those choices - sound familiar? Of course, PoE throws in Support Gems, and as before with the passives you're not locked into a particular set based on initial class choice.

TL2 does arguably does have better class diversity, in that each class has it's own distinct style, and there are a good number of skills to choose from within each class that adds additional diversity...

But strictly in terms of build diversity, and thus just how much you can customize a character across passives, skill gems, and gear choices? Path of Exile outshines both D2 and TL2.
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