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Need some build/gear advise

I noticed that the wiz forum has alot of people that are willing to give advise...so please take a look at my wiz. I need to raise my dps but I think I'm at a wall right now. thanks!!
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don't worry about your dps at this time. look into raising your armor and ar. Until then, you can't run shock. You might want to stick with pinpoint EA for now. how much gold you got? let's start from there.
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Don't forget about CC.. That is huge!!
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I have been running it with some success in act 3 mp 0, but I'm new to the build...I will work on my armor, AR and CC. How much CC is needed for this build?
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You got some serious DPS for mp0.

But your gear is totally wrong for CM to work.

Shoot for more attack speed on all your items that can roll it.

Critical chance should be hovering over 40-45% to start out for this build.

Also you will need 3 sources of arcane power on crit. You have 1.

A way to regenerate more life then just 200 from unity will be useful as well.

TBH you have gear for archon build. Switch your skills around and melt MP0.
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@justice, I'm pretty new to wizard myself, but I can give some advice on what I did to be able to comfortably farm act 3 mp 5:
-i didn't really start seeing good results w/ "cd ticks" until i had >35% cc
-to help with survivability, i'd go with energy armor with force armor.. i use it with the logic that as long as you have life regen/life steal/% life on hit you can survive as long as you're fighting something. (that combined with diamond skin/crystal shell is why i can survive with fairly low hp).
-in order to be efficient you want as much crit chance and attack speed as possible, that way you can spam diamond skin and frost nova.
-as a suggestion, you may want to try out the deep freeze rune on frost nova.. since most times in higher mp you run into at least 5 or more monsters, the extra 15% cc really helps.
-to help survivability i'd change out your calamity rune with either fracture or safe passage.

again, you may have to mess around to get the right balance (it took me some messing around and a lot of shopping on AH to get a comfortable setup and I am still way under equipped compared to some of the other folks on here)
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You are in sore need of APoC (arcane power on crit), attack speed, and crit chance. Stormcrow will give you apoc and crit chance if you can afford it to but there are super cheap stormcrows out there. Get one. Chantodo's wand and focus have attack speed and crit chance plus set buffs. Two pieces of Nat's set will add 7% crit chance, use boots and ring. I'm browsing the forums on my phone right now so I can't read the individual stats on all of your gear but attack speed and crit chance you need everywhere you can, Tasker and Theo gloves, Lacuni Prowler bracers, rings ammy. 2.51 is the attack speed breakpoint you're looking for. Don't worry about how much damage your sheet says bc once the gear makes the build work you'll be doing over 5 times the DPS your paper damage says. Witching Hour is another good upgrade for damage but not essential to build.
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Thanks for all the info and I will start by working on ias first...just started playing my wiz again and having a great time. My barb is kool but my wiz is more fun and I tihnk I will enjoy upgrading her. @boozor I will research the archon build and I will see if I can use that build as I gear up for this one. Once again thanks for the advise and good gaming!!
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