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hey, just wanted to know what you guys think bout some "new" builds, which are useful for pvp (1v1):

here's my sugesstion:
Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aZQOiS!dfW!caYYZc

Low Vit, high dex, high life regen, ranged, Force Armor.
I'm regenerating my life back to full in just 3 seconds - or in other words, 1 heavy hit in 1 second.
That means, if i even can stand "one" heavy attack with several hits (i.e. Monk with seven sided strike), i should be fine.

Skill Setup:

Magic Missle (Seeker): Its obvious, while we have time to shoot, its seeking our target - good against ranged targets.

Ray of Frost (Numb): Slow slow slow - id say thats extremly powerful in pvp.

Teleport (Fracture): why im usin this over other Teleport runes is simple. The build can satnd one attack, but has it flaws against many high damage attacks. The 2 decoys should help here alot. With the passive "Illusionist" i should be able to recast the decoys again within that attack.

Energy Armor (Force Armor): Thats the heart of this build. Beeing able to lose just 35% of your maximum life and regenerate this damage back within one second sounds awsome to me.

Hydra (Lightning Hydra): I want to be as far away as possible, and still beeing able to do some damage, while moving (kiting) away from the enemy. Hydra is one of the skills that help me out with that problem. Lightning Hydra prefered over the others, cause its htting directly - like Seeker Missle. No real "aim" needed here.

Magic Weapon (Blood Magic): This sounds a bit odd in the first place. The skill Familiar (Ancient Guardian) seems to be perfect for this build. Ive played with a similar build in PvE and have to say, that it just sounds wonderful on paper. Gaining life from another source, other than life reg, can help you even more out, than dodging one attack once in a while (6 seconds). On the top of that, you gain 10% more damage aswell.


Illusionist: This skill is the 2nd heart of this build. Beeing able to recast teleport again, whenever you need it is just perfect (on paper at least).

Galvanizing Ward: Well ... its "just" 310 life reg, but its like 10% more life reg. Wizards dont have the real cool passives, so its at least one addition which helps the concept of this build.

Cold Blooded: 20% more damage is even more than the Passive Glass Canon. RoF reads to be a 4second slow. We should be able to just cast RoF for the slow and have a 4 second time window, until we have to recast it, to get the benfit from 20% more damage.

Other Skill sugesstions:

Meteor (Star pact): HIGH Damage compared to Ray of Frost, but id say, that RoF + Cold Blooded should out-dps Meteor. And its easier to bring the damage to the man, because enemies just dont stand and wait for beeing damaged. Meteor has a one second delay which makes its hard to actually do the damage. If you fail to hit, you have wasted 35 AP.

Arcane Torrent (Arcane Mines): These little Mines seem to be funny! You can mine the way your enemy is running, or you can even mine around yourself or the way you are going to run. Combined with the Passive skill Temporal Flux its a slow aswell. AND you are gaining benefits from lifesteal/LoH!

Famaliar (Vigoron): Well, as mentioned above. I see Blood Magic over this skill, even though it would help to get even more life regen.

Stats that i want to reach // stats i allready have:
DPS: >250.000 // ~220.000
Attack Speed: >2,5 // 2,61
Armor: >5.000 // 4.660
AR: >600 // ~650+
Life: <15.000 // 12.176
Dex: >1.000 (30% Dodge) // 720 (25,6% Dodge)
CC Red: > 33% // 12%
Life Reg: >4.200 // ~4.000
Life Steal: ~3% // 1,5%
LoH: >250 // 0

So, leave your suggentions, the flaws of the build and so on.
I appreciate almost every post (exceptions are troll post ^^).
Did i miss anything?

And further: post your own PvP builds!

PS: I'm from EU! (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MoKKaL-2362/hero/10603905)
Only other item for the pvp build is an Andariel with 234 Life Reg, 9 IAS. 150 Int and 80AR (non socket)

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I didnt read your wall of text but checked out your build.

1: Blood magic rune / life steal will be completely useless in PvP because most of the damage is mitigated.

2: I think ray of frost will be crap because ranged classes can just attack you anyways and melee classes have other ways than running to get to you. Blizzard is the way to go if you want to slow your opponent imo.

3: I don't think galvanizing wards is very good because it is only 310 life regen. I would take Temporal Flux for a slow on autoattack. Maybe it's not worth it because slow is probably not that powerfull in PvP.

I like the rest of your skills a lot :). Skills I like in PvP is also crystall shell and slow time (because of 90% slow on projectiles).
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1) Blood Magic - well, we will see ... if the life i recieve is still >300 than it might not be that bad (in my build's case)

2) Blizzard (Frozen Solid) with the chance to stun might be the better slow/cc-spell, yep. The only thing that bothers me here, is the much lower damge. Thats why ive chosen RoF (higher slow aswell)

3) I will see, if the extra 310 life regeneration is really needed (or even if i can scrap my whole build concept ^^)

Another idea is to replace Galvanizing ward for CM and go for Slow Time and/or Crystal Shell.
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I like the whole idea of using Galvanizing ward, Vigiron (i think?), Vile Ward, and some Life Regen on other Gear to get life regen past 2k. I think Life Regen will be key in Duels, assuming that Life Return from LoH and LS is reduced to the same amount as inferno. (IF LoH and LS are equal to life return experienced in Normal Mode, LoH + LL will be the way to go.)
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