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Need help on upgrades

I can't figure out what I need to upgrade next. All my upgrades are in the 100mil+ area. I want to boost my DPS while keeping 400+ resist and 40k life.
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No one?
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lacuni prowlers
get one with
81 strengh
78 resistance
4.5 crit

the resistance on lacuni prowlers now opens you up for

the witching hour
you want these stats on it
268 strengh
36-40 crit or above
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This is the problem with putting big vit on your weapons. You neglected vit everywhere else, now you're stuck with junk weapons with vit. 300 vit on your weapons can be swapped with 300 str gems on gear. You wont get full effect of dps upgrade with this since you are losing a huge chunk of str.

Time to invest in some armor pieces with vit. Rude awakening.
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You'll have to completely redo your gear. You have really low or no VIT on your big VIT slots (chest, legs) and not too much life% (helm and boots only).

You'll need to replace the chest and the legs to come up with enough VIT to let you replace your weapons. Between those two slots you have 70 VIT right now vs 310 VIT on your weapons. That means you will need close to 200 VIT per slot (chest, legs) just to break even on your HP when you get rid of the weapons. Never treat VIT on weapons as part of your base HP, treat it like a bonus. That way when you go to upgrade your weapons you don't have to completely redo all of your gear.

I'd say just sell your IK chest (it's not very good, low VIT chests are bad since you can get so much VIT on them) and get a decent blackthornes or rare. If you have a lot of cash just laying around you can just upgrade to a better IK, though for the amount of VIT you're looking for it is going to be EXPENSIVE (hundreds of millions). For the pants, you can just replace them with a rare, 100 str/180-200 vit 2 sockets good AR will cost you some millions but not too much. If you want to cap MS, then you'll have to get rid of the ice climbers for good IK boots or a much more expensive set of ice climbers.

You can try to keep the pants for the MS cap, but then you're still looking at making up 200 vit on other slots. Looking at the rest of your gear, I don't know where that would come from. I guess you could drop a lot of cash on an amulet with a ton of VIT and good dps stats, but that's going to be even more expensive. Your mempo already has VIT/life% and your Vile Ward already has VIT.
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