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gold websites spamming me with friend request


Though people can be really cynical about game design choices [without being designers themselves] Blizzard at least tried to make everyone happy and appease the community....sifting through actual problems among a sea of angry, criticizing fools.

The game is good. The way it is. And the expansion is going to make the game even better.

Leave the GaH and the RmaH in place, as a treat to the players, because if the didn't exist, most of the community would either have key-logging software, or these "pay-to-win" players would exist regardless.

I don't know about you, but after I sit here and clear content in this game, I do like having a little extra booze money from the RMAH. If I can sell something, I just made myself beer money. It's kind of a treat.
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Oh, and when I was able to find items to sell on the RMAH, and ended up selling over $60 worth, I ended up paying for the game I originally purchased. So yeah, I broke even, and made some extra pocket change. I don't see why that is so bad. The game was even designed for me to do that.
Just like the botters you mentioned, we take reports concerning gold spam very seriously and are continuing to take steps to combat it. As long as you are taking the time to report and block these users, then you are helping us ensure that we’re aware of which players are attempting to abuse the friend request system so that we can investigate them and take action against them.

We’re always looking to improve your online experience, and that includes the reporting system. Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback!

I honestly have a hard time believing this is actually happening because I get so many friend requests from them. I have reported, reported, reported, reported and they keep coming.

I've actually started accepting their friend requests in the hopes that possibly it would slow down but that hasn't worked either.

I don't mind saying it. If you (Blizzard) really want to do something about the problem, you either aren't throwing enough resources at it or going about it the wrong way or both.

It's not the end of the world, but quit saying that it matters to you (Blizzard) if you (seemingly) aren't going to actually do anything about it.

Now if you are telling me that I would be getting like 500 requests a day and because of your efforts, I get 4, ok, good enough job.
Nothing has ever been done to eliminate this and nothing ever will. Only solution that will get rid of it 100% if we so chose to take this option is for you to allow offline play.
Uhh, its just really annoying for me. I don't get gold spammer requests everyday, but periodically for like a week ( like 5 a day) then it goes down and then in a couple weeks tons more/repeating.
why not make a system to completely disable new friend requests?
It's always PvPBank or DiabloWalmart. Why can't they just censor those websites or words from being in a friend request or account? Can't even report them with the current error message.
I cant block anymore since im over my block cap and YES it would be nice to get a decline all button. I just gave up and let it accumulate.
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