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SP/living lightning

Is sp/living affected by attack speed?
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It affects only how many you can cast, not the actual zaps.

However since LL builds mostly count on you casting other stuff and using LL to pay for them, attack speed is really nice, since you alternate spells.
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With 1.8 apps I can have 4 ll out at once with 2.52 apps I can have 6 out at once. Makes a huge difference in loh returns and cm proc rates
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I recently switched to LL/molten impact/prodigy over WW and the results were a night and day improvement in my killing speed, survivability and effectiveness at my current gear level. My attack/sec is only 1.98 with 40% cc and WW just isn't quite getting me to permastun with decent killing speed yet.

Mind you this is Hardcore mode I'm in, and I still felt in danger trying to make CM/WW work.

Now that I've been running LL/meteor I sort of dont want to go back until my gear is really good because this build is both fun and very powerful if you use life leech. 1 arcane dynamo meteor can heal me to full if it hits 2 targets and Living lightning procs arcane dynamo almost instantly.

As I gear towards WW frost nova spam for ubers I was hoping that the attack speed I add would benefit the LL/meteor combo as well, but it sounds like it only helps me to cast more LL and doesn't actually benefit each LL to proc more often.

Is maximum attack speed still recommended for LL/meteor/prodigy builds or is it only a quality of life improvement?

Also, I noticed LL doesn't seem to proc loh very well when I was at 450..was that because I just need more (such as 1000+) or is loh just not going to be dependable life return? The 1.5% from blood magic and arcane dynamo meteor hits seems to work way better and that's only 1.5%.

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Well, you don't need to hit the 2.73 APS breakpoint.
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