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Need help from experts

Hi guys, the last time I played was like in August 2012 and just came back to play. Went and checked out some people's gear and can't help but notice that my dps is only 95k but gear is around the same as some others who have like 120k.

So the question is.. is it my weapons? Seriously I have no idea how to upgrade my weapons despite reading some good posts here.
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Get a Mixture of LOH and life steal as well get 6% LS for sure you will need high dps!
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Thanks guys.

Question: if I get a quick offhand with high Str, high CD and socket but with low damage, will it boost my dps?
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I am friends with Molrdan konger all them yes you idiot... I NEVER SAID THAT I said it does not hurt to include it.. 6% yes is all you need but for EXTRA to survive HIGHER MP or to solo MP10 ubers and for pvp you will need the extra loh... il duel you when its out noob...

you are stupid!

my dps is almost 160 with farming gear with reg gear way over 200

yes bro you suck!
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01/02/2013 04:46 PMPosted by LSUForever11
I am friends with Molrdan konger all them yes you idiot

lol ok

bro you suck at this game bro
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Wassup my bromosapien, lets go drive the broham down to the movies and watch brometheus
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depending on what mp you choose to run at you can go as low as 3 ls + nothing else. I ended using 2 part blackthorns(pants/amulet) for 1000 loh + 3 ls though 6 ls works just fine.
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01/02/2013 07:39 PMPosted by LSUForever11
Arachnid you are raging on the Internet I just got home been doing real life stuff. Man all you do is troll an you suck my dps is 3c better than yours an nick your gear is horrible holla at me when pvp is out il own all of u! Raging nerds I carried both of these guys I got them their first ring lol!!!! Noobs!

bro i see a ragin nerd but it isnt me bro

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Lol your so mad now I love it yes!!!
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01/02/2013 10:19 PMPosted by LSUForever11
Lol your so mad now I love it yes!!!

I can't help myself...

Do u actually realize that you are the only one in this thread looking like a f.cking clown ?
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01/02/2013 01:59 PMPosted by DamageInc
LoH is 100% unnecessary


If you have have L/S and you have extra LOH it helps a lot. Granted if you have L/S on both your weapons and belt.....sure its not needed. Most likely if you L/S on belt and one weapon its not needed. But LOH still has benefit. I only utilize L/S on Off hand and LOH on Main hand. No belt and not Blood thirst..................I hardly every die
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LS wep + immortal belt is enough to get by. MP10 is a joke. But then again the my barb is 200k DPS with 8.2 LS and over 700 resist.
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