Diablo® III

Give a Legendary to Poster above you on Xmas

Count me in.

My next legendary item is for you "pichapiegal"

If I don't get one till x-mass, I'll buy one unid.

Add me: Marion#2509
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This is nice OP.

You'll have one from me Marion. I have a few unids but none wizard specific or that could be potentially useful for a wizard. Hopefully I'll find something in the meantime. Might not be able to deliver it to you on the day itself since I'll be overseas but I'll do my best to.

Edit: Oh man, I'm so sorry Marion. Just found out you're not on US server. I don't have any characters on other servers so I can't give one to you. :(

Guess it'll go to you Pichapiegal unless he has one in US server. No idea what'll suit you best since I can't view your profile but I'll try to get something good. Best things I have atm is Inna's belt and IK chest. Chest's going to TerrAWerra since he has a barb. Hoping I'll find Nat's ring or a WH for ya. Or a mempo. :)
Edited by Fiezz#1818 on 12/19/2012 6:28 AM PST
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ill be your Santa Claus on xmas Fiezz =)
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I'll try to find a gift for you then :P don't be mad if it's worth <500k ;p
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Sure why the hell not =0

Ray i'll give you a all the unid legs i find today !

Edit: Fkny doesnt have an active profile! whoops ;o
Edited by TerrAWerrA#6467 on 12/19/2012 4:49 AM PST
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Thanks RaY :)

Terra, you'll have the IK chest I have in my stash.
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Fiezz ;)

I will rack something up for ya
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Back at it again, I'm enjoying this :D
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Aerythus and Jim are going to have a good Christmas.



12/16/2012 11:55 PMPosted by bokinator
would an Un ID Cindercoat be accepted?

You give me a cindercoat and I'm pulling a Grinch.
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I say you give them the Chantodo's ;) lol.

I got one more legendary last night I can throw in this party
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I guess you get another one.
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If I find one it's yours Helm :D
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HO HO HO Squirt I got an Xmas Present for you!
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I don't have one yet, but I will start some runs tonight to find a good one for you, Brick!
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Hope you like pledge of caldeums
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I'm down.
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Got one for you, SackLunch.

Only thing is that Xmas day is usually pretty busy with family stuff, so might not get a chance to deliver until the day after (or possibly early AM EST).
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 12/23/2012 7:27 PM PST
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