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Give a Legendary to Poster above you on Xmas

Yaayyy! I'm in if this is still on!
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Gave mine to Warath.... Lacuni's his favorite! It turned to Brim shortly after..
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Hmm. SackLunch either had 2nd thoughts, is on another server, or has just been too busy to log in. Regardless, I'm going to go ahead and give my gift to one of the folks who have given but not got.

I'm gonna do a pick your present deal. I originally had a Sunkeeper set aside to give. Not a great item, but still useful on a follower for maxing mf. Since then, I've found a pair of Firewalkers and a Stormshield. If none of them are of interest, I could drop a handful of l60/61 jewelry instead of a leg.

@Skourge: I'm a bit groggy still, so I might have missed something, but I think Helm is the first person who posted that they didn't get anything, so I'm gonna let him have first dibs. After he's chosen something (or declined) you can pick from what's left.

@joebak: Hang in there. It takes a while to get a good combo of farming efficiency (high dps/ehp) and good magic find (mostly from p-levels). And even then, the legends never "drop like rares". I think I get a rough average of 1 per 2-3 hrs of playtime.

I keep a handful of items that I thought were too good to vendor, but not good enough to AH for starter characters like yours. Send me a friend req, and I'll be happy to let you take your pick of the gear I've currently got stashed.
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@Skourge - It's all good, not worried about it ;) Happy Holidays!
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It's fine, I'll just wait and see if it's an issue of being busy.
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@aerythus - yeah sorry no luck

@ATGOWTWT - ok cool i'll keep my fingers crossed - firewalkers pls, now that i saw your msg
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