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XP and mini-quests...

I enjoy seeing how many monsters I can kill in a given mini-quest. This is fueled in part by my desire to see things blow up/die, but also by the rewards. With the implementation of Paragon levels I have been paying particular attention to what XP is gained from the various mini-quests and have found a ton of issues.

1. Act 1 'The Matriarchs Bones' and 'Jar of Souls'.
a. Both of these are timed or have a set number of spawned monsters.
b. Both actually give XP for monsters killed.
2. in the case of 'Jar of Souls' the more u kill the more spawn, (X) minions.
a. U get a bonus for X killed.
b. U get XP for each kill.
3. Act 3 'Forged in Battle'.
a. Is a timed event.
b. The more u kill, the more spawn.
4. Blizzard, this part is fun... (FYI)
5. However, while ur hard work yeilds (X) kills, u get no bonus for X killed (although it reports it NOR do u get XP for each monster killed.
a. Basically, ur wasting ur time grinding out the monsters.

There are a ton of events like 'Forged in Battle'. I'd like to believe Blizzard is aware of them and I dont have to list them but I honestly am continuously shocked that Blizzard employees do not know what is fun. When grinding away on the same events, over and over, please at least give me something to strive for other than the free paragon level at the end.

Make it so every kill gives you XP! (Act one is set this way so keep the bot discussion at bay!)

For CRYING OUT LOUD! shouldn't an elite fight be worth more than the same non-elite monster? I get 12K xp for killing a normal skeleton and then 12K xp for killing an elite one? REALLY?

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