Diablo® III

Max paragon level/ hour

So my friend almost has his fourth paragon level 100 character

and the figures are

Barb 90 exp/hour
DH 80 exp/hour
WD 75 exp/hour
Wiz 45 exp/hour (pre 1.05)

All with max exp items

His barb was geared with 500mil
Wiz and WD geared with 1,500mil (1.5bil)
DH geared with 1,300mil (1.3bil)

Anybody with vastly different results?
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Barbs FTW!

This is why I played a wizard for 100 hours.
Thought a WD would be better for some reason (at least I could re use most of my wizards gear).
Got a barb now and I will never ever look back.
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What's his d3 profile? so we can see the individual items.
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I just built a TR monk and while an averaged geared TR monk gets around 60-75 million the best geared guys can get 80-100 million per hour apparently.
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i get...... 12 mil per hour....... and still im lv 81....... is not bout how much u can get in a short time, is about consistently getting exp. :) As long as the build is fun enuff that u just wanna keep playing, u will get there.
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that is insane! you guys must be playing lighting fast through the levels. Congrats.

i wish i could do that but it's just not my style, i tried a fast DH and Monk once but i just couldn't get the hang of it. I figure i have about 10-12 years to get 5 paragon 100 character, so i'm in no rush.
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My barbar was netting 90m/hr without leorics/cains
would hit 100m with leorics

Wiz should be able to hit 80m/hr as well (with leorics)

Oh & btw, cains set would slow you down in most cases unless you're still able to kill elites within 3 seconds with the rest of your gear.

Happy New Year from Singapore :)
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