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Stun-Tank DH Build [New...I think?]

I looked around and didn't find a build like mine, and just wanted to share it and get any feedback. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I find it to be a lot of fun. I'll try and get a video of me playing it to show people how well it plays.

So, here's the link to my Armory:

The basic idea is stun and tank. You have at least 59 Discipline with the gear that I use, potentially 70 (if you get 10 on cloak and roll 10 on Spite), but I've found 59 to be more than enough for the majority of occasions. You have only 2 Discipline skills, and in most battles only one (Frozen is the exception...and Fallen Maniacs) that you really need to worry about, and with 59 Discipline you can cast SP/Gloom 6 times in a row so long as you wait the full 5 seconds just off the standard 1 Disc/second. Since you have Nightstalker and you should theoretically have at least 55% CC, you'll be casting SP/Gloom effortlessly.

The combination I use at the beginning of most fights where I use Vault to get into the middle of large packs of mobs is SP->Fan of Knives->Spike Trap->Spam Grenades/Spike Trap/Gloom until everything is dead. This way, you get into the fight with SP enabled so you're not 1-shot, you stun almost everything with FoK and then plant the Spike Traps around you and then spam the hell out of Grenades. This works amazingly, but requires pretty decent timing. The stun on FoK only lasts 2 seconds so you really need to plant the traps right after you pop FoK. You have a little bit of breathing room though because Numbing Traps, which is awesome, reduces enemy damage by 20% on top of your 65% from Gloom for 3 seconds. Since the Spike Traps take 1.2 seconds to arm, they should go off before the 3 seconds of NT are up, and you should be spamming Grenades by then, or at least very soon. By this point SP might be getting close to wearing off so you can pop it again, and you're essentially reducing damage by 85% all the time, and dealing a lot of damage without much movement so once you make your grand entrance, it's pretty simple.

The only reason I placed Elemental Arrow/Lightning Bolts in there is to help with picking off single enemies and/or enemies that run around a lot (individual Soul Lashers for instance, or Quilbacks). It works really well with the build though because of the 1.5 second stun on critical hits, and with at least 55% CC with the speed of DW things should stay still for the most part. The A3 KW is annoying to deal with, but landing a few hits with EA and then a lucky FoK usually gives me enough time to plant a Spike Trap or two under/near the KW to do damage to him.

The gear I have isn't the best and could easily be upgraded, I just don't have the money for it right now. Ideally these are the stats you'd have:

500+ AR
40k+ HP
200k+ DPS
55%+ CC

For low MP these stats should work:

300+ AR
30k+ HP
100k+ DPS
50%+ CC

If you can't get AR on a piece, get Physical because you'll be standing around tanking hits and it helps deal with Reflect Damage for the most part. If you can, get Hatred regeneration on stuff so you can ensure continuous spamming of FoK/Spike Trap/EA. It's not a huge problem, but every once in a while I run out of Hatred and it's nice to have some available at all times to use EA in a pinch (ie: A Fallen Maniac is chasing after you...)

I think for higher MP the new Nats set would be better just because of the better guaranteed stats you're able to get from the pieces, but I'm not able to confirm this as I never had a legacy Nats set so I don't really know how to gauge the 2 Disc/second bit. For lower MP however, it might be better because you should be able to get the necessary resistances from the other pieces of gear (I'm able to easily run MP1 with 320 AR).

I think that is everything. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. I'm not a pro theorycrafter or anything, I just liked the idea of a legit tank DH and found this worked well and wanted to share. I haven't seen this particular build before (I stopped playing my DH a long time ago and focused on my other characters so I haven't really been in tune with the new DH builds, so forgive me if this is a well known build).

In any case, I hope you enjoy!
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I don't think your strategy is bad here if that's the style of DH you enjoy. I was running a similar trial strat for MP6 with less gear. With Nats 4p, I am betting you can comfortably run stun grenades, spike trap echoing, then guardian sentry, vault-tumble, SP-gloom and bat companion. I'd say vault into mobs, drop sentry turret and traps at your feet then gloom and spam your stun grenades until traps expire or mobs die, whichever is first. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Even with my low hp, low dmg and low LoH/LS, I was tanking MP6 champs much easier than kiting them with bola thunderball. I guess it all comes down to playstyle. With nightstalker and the 1Hers combined with the high-ish proc chance of stun grenades, you should have tons of disc. I expect perfectionist, archery and nightstalker, but YMMV.

Happy hunting.

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I was definitely considering Sentry, but the reason I didn't and went with EA instead was because of the lack of single target capability that the build has.

I also personally view Bat Companion as a wasted skill because since the bulk of my DPS comes in situations where I'm surrounded and using Grenades/Echoing I'll have it on such a rotation that I won't really need insane amounts of Hatred Regeneration, which is something I really like about having the bulk of DPS come from a balance between Grenades/Spike Trap.

But yeah, it really is all down to playstyle.

For me, I stopped playing DH because I hated the squishyness so I've been trying and trying to find a tanky build that I liked, and I think this might be it, haha.
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This build sounds really fun and still efficient for key farming. I really look forward to giving this a shot. Only question I have is why do you dual wield? Wouldn't you get a dps and eHp buff by going dead mans legacy with dex/Vit/19-20ias/10cc? The reason I ask is because that's what I'm running with right now. Only explanation I can see for dual wield is that you get LOH from your off-hand but I would think the return from gloom is plenty?
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Good points, definitely. I found that when using that build I would have liked the bat since the sentry is 30 hatred, then the 3 traps, etc...it all adds up. I wasn't willing to give up smokescreen for the bat, though, since there are times that I can't gloom and live. lol I have enjoyed the sentry for when we freezyweezy so everyone is grouped up and benefits. TBH, I really prefer the kiting, but it's just not as effective as the tank n spank with my mediocre dps, low HP and laughable budget. ;-)
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I went with DW because I like the concept more, and if I were to go with a DML, then using a Calamity seems kind of dumb because quivers are best paired with 2H weapons.

I don't end up losing the 10% CC because the bonus for Hand-Cbows from Archery is 10% CC.

You are right about the DEX/VIT loss. I'm not 100% sure how IAS transfers from DW to single weapon. Like, I know that DW gives a 15% IAS bonus, but that's based on the concept of now every attack "tick" is with a weapon, if that makes any sense, and with a single weapon a 20% IAS bonus is just to a single weapon. So, I'm not 100% sure about which would be more effective.

But my reasoning was (besides preference again...) this:

You have 3 options:
1) Dual
2) Just a single 1H Xbow
3) Manticore

I think the Manticore would be the best option if you didn't go with dual wield, so I'm just going to compare it to DW.

You're going to want to stack CD due to your naturally high CC (either way you need at least 50%+). Assuming you get a perfect Manticore (as far as CD is concerned) you have 350% CD (50% from Archery, 300% from 2 sockets and 100% base).

If you DW you can have up to 400% (both Calamity and Spite can roll 100% CD, plus 2 100% gems).

This fact alone makes a single hand Xbow worthless because you're losing 150% CD at a minimum. So yes, you would attack quite fast with a 20% IAS DML, but you'd lose a lot of CD which I think is a waste because it's so easy to obtain.

Once we get past that, it's down to just attacks per second and this becomes an issue of making the build work. I think the Manticore and its slowness just doesn't compare to DW when it comes to making sure Grenades/FoK/Nightstalker and such proc. At the same time, when you're chasing down a single target using EA, you'll have more chances to land a critical hit to inflict the stun from Lightning Bolts.

Sorry this was a wall of text :/
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I run a stun n tank build too. However I'm using bola for stunlock. My current build still allow me to solo well in mp7. I dont need to kite, I only use vault to re-positioning.

Using a calamity with DML is not dumb when you are playing stun build. You need speed for stunlock. Further more, no other xbow can get you a similar dps if you r using high dps calamity. You dont really want to use >1300dps calamity together with 1100dps xbow.
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For my build though, since most of my DPS is from AoE DPS I want lots of CD and going with a DML over a second Xbow gives me a lot less CD.

Thunderball needs a lot of attacks because it only stuns the primary target while Grenades hits multiple targets. The DW gives enough of a speed boost (in addition to essentially a mandatory 18% boost from ring and inna's pants) that I don't need the DML boost to make sure I'm throwing out enough grenades to get the stun going.
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I run a stun n tank build too. However I'm using bola for stunlock. My current build still allow me to solo well in mp7. I dont need to kite, I only use vault to re-positioning.

Using a calamity with DML is not dumb when you are playing stun build. You need speed for stunlock. Further more, no other xbow can get you a similar dps if you r using high dps calamity. You dont really want to use >1300dps calamity together with 1100dps xbow.

I run Thunderball/Ball Lightning/Spike Traps on key runs. and pure ball lightning/bola on loot runs.

+1. Nice thread OP!
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My severely under geared (I just returned from a long hiatus) DH can do MP3/4 with little trouble although I use the DR sentry and gloom together with nether tentacles (for reflect dmg). My current cc is only 37.5% (with archery on a 1 hander) and I crit more than enough to regenerate discipline with the default pool size.

For the future I plan to get Blackthorne's pants, nat ring+boots, mempo, lacuni, deadman's, a better 1Hxbow, an IAS/cc ring (maybe LoH), an IAS/cd ammy (again maybe LoH), vile ward, and a belt but that can be whatever with vit/dex/life %)

Overall I expect 40-50k life, 350-500 AR, 4.5k-5.5k armor, 35-40% cc, 250-350 cd, and 2.5 attacks per second. This should be plenty to face tank pretty much everything however the dps won't be anywhere near 200k (maybe closer to 100k with perfect gear). I'm not sure how I would make anything as survivable as this with a higher dps in terms of gear for this skill set (relying on stuns and crits)

Also to add some flavor to the builds, maybe you guys should consider using brooding if your life is big enough for some extra regen
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