Diablo® III

Dh is my ultimate toon. 3 things in mind.

1)Hello there dh players. Leveling on paragon using alkaiser run is the best. I was thinking thru my runs mp0-1 runs there was no legendary item dropping. Do I need more mf? It was said that alkaiser run is best for exp farm as long as for legs drops.
2)Also what's the best dps when doing alkaiser run on mp1, mp2 and mp3
I have read that 100k dps is good for mp0 or as long as you can kill elites under 10 secs.
3) Kindly look at my items and you guys can suggest or share something in order for my toon to be stronger on ubers and on alkaiser runs. I thinking of getting the witching hour. My current budget is 15mil.

I am currently on paragon 31 and my dps unbuff is 150k.
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Legendary drop rate is probably so low that there is a HUGE element of randomness. With the MF that I have there are some days where I'll do 8 or more runs with no legendaries, then I'll be seeing 1-4 each run for 5 runs in a row. Granted, most of those items are instant brimstones.

DPS for MP level is going to depend on what you consider efficient and your playstyle and EHP. I can slowly get through MP4 with my 115k unbuffed DPS, but it's not "efficient" by any stretch of the mind. For me, if I can 1-hit KO most trash mobs then most of the rest of the efficiency comes with what skills I use. (EDIT - check that...my unbuffed DPS when I do higher MP's is 131k or so...still a way for me to go one of these days :P)

For your equipment, I would definitely look to upgrade the gems in your manti. I keep saying that, and I know it's not cheap, but there's really no reason not to, since you'll probably keep those same gems no matter what you upgrade to down the line. You could definitely use a belt upgrade, though WH's can be pricey. You could also use better CC and CD on your gloves, and vit on your boots and pants. Those are the relatively easy and cheap upgrades I see offhand.
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even with 200k unbuffed dps (leg nats) I still do MP0 or 1.
I tried doing mp2 with 330k dps/400k vs elites (new nats) and it still wasnt efficient enough to be worth it..

just keep at it and gain a few more paragon levels, then legendaries will drop constantly

re upgrade, start with the gems for your bow

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Thanks for the replies. I'll try to upgrade my Gems. So far I've been experimenting mp's. Clearly I can do mp0 easily but in my runs no legs drops. I also found out that legs drops are good at mp2-5. I've tried mp3 and on my 2 runs I got lacuni prowlers and a skorn which I sold. Now I can buy that witching hour. Also I have read that if you have 400% mf, chances of getting legs is 2% in every 300 monster/elite there is a probability of leg dropping. I find this very useful. I tried mp3 and having 300+% mf(with 5 nv stocks, mf items and mp3) and easy to kill mobs on a3.
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I only have like 70 hours played on my character and I've already got 2 skorns, 1 EF, and 1 WH, amongst quite a few other legendaries. It's ridiculously random though...I got the echoing fury/witching hour both on my FIRST mob in core of arreat with 0 stacks of NV...

Honestly I've gotten most of my legendaries on mp0
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I'd get an inna's belt and a nat chest.
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Doctor phil you are so lucky >.<
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