Diablo® III

1 million gold Azmodan MP10 challenge

Thanks Wayne.

When will you be on tomorrow? I'm about to go to bed as it's midnight here.

I'll be on a little in the morning around 7am EST and tomorrow evening from 6pm EST.

My next goal is < 7 minutes.

edit: I updated my previous post with the total gold cost.
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I will try to catch you tomorrow then.....stay tuned, I plan on releasing a new challenge tomorrow if I can pull it off.

I want to try to set some fun rules while killing goblins.. if this all works out, it could be a lot of fun. More challenges await.
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Just thought I'd mention that www.D3up. com and D3bit.com will help here greatly. D3bit allows you to capture gear data to import into D3up. D3upallows you to compare and sim gear, and also try skills that work based on your gear.

I feel it has a value here.

Never seen it before...I will investigate later on today, thanks.
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OP has been updated.

As long as challenges continue in popularity I will attempt to release new ones every week or so and keep a running tally of links and record holders.

This challenge is still open for participation, thank you all for your submissions.
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Hi, OP.

I saw this thread and thought I must try this without a WW/WotB build and not a tank build.
Obviously I was going to be well over the current winners time but my goal was to beat Bandycam's 10 min recording.

I play self found 100% and use this build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#acQRVk!dZY!bZZaZc
For high MPs with a LS EF and blood lust rend.
Switch to ravage rend with a no-LS EF for low MPs.

The premise is cc and cd (hence OP and Revenge crit runes) relying on the AoE of OP, Revenge and Rend, the healing from crits allowing me to eat any affix effects on MP10 and successfully allows me to stay in Azmos pools as well as anything else champs and rares throw at you.

My usual gear (while not optimized because of being self found) allows me to tackle anything in MP10.

Obviously the budget challenge was going to change things, a lot.

After a few tries and swapping skills and passives around but keeping the build idea I came almost full circle, kept the passives as usual, swapped bash for frenzy maniac and AR rune on WC to Armor rune.

Try as I did to remain in pools, using adds for heals, the insta-gibb probability of a fireball on top of overlapping pools was far too real. So leaving overlapping pools was a must.

With my internet, the video will take 12+ hrs to upload and render my internet otherwise unusable so if I do upload it, it will have to be at some convenient point.
I will however post some screen shots.

Gear cost 645,641 gold. 5 mins at AH.


Equipped gear.

Engage at 0.20.

Bandicam hit 10 min with Azmo at 10%.
On hitting 10 min, Diablo 3 was minimized by Bandicam to give me a nice little 'buy now' pop up. Note the fireball heading directly for me.

Getting back to Diablo 3, I found myself still alive and hit record again.

Azmo kill at 1.12.

10 min - 20 secs = 9.40 first vid.
9.40 + 1.12 = 10 min 52 secs. Not anywhere near competitive but a lot of fun even though I failed my own 10 min challenge.

Some moments of divine intervention. Praise a carrot!
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ok now do the same with a monk :D
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gold recieved and ty to Dboy for teh Donation :p
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Sorry for the delay Reasoning.....thanks again DBoy for your contribution to the barb community.
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Can I see some of the gears you guys are using for under 1m? It would greatly help some n00bs who want to do a higher mp.
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Unfortunately I gave away the gear set, but I do hover over every piece of gear in my videos if you want to check there and are quick with the pause button.
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12/28/2012 02:46 PMPosted by BdiZzLe
Can I see some of the gears you guys are using for under 1m? It would greatly help some n00bs who want to do a higher mp.

I still have all the pieces from the Azmo Challenge, but it's easiest to see them all in a video like Wayneold said. My vid below. I hover over all the gear at the beginning of the video if you want to check it out.

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