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Rate the barb above u

Rate my barb!
Nice barb 9/10 only thing I'm wondering is how much CC you have? Other than that great gear.
^ Lots of upgrade potential.

Just amass as much gold as you can now and start with IK set 2 piece, then vileward, then ice climbers, then lacunis, then go for trifect rings, amulets, gloves
im at 39cc and 450cd un buffed, im just trying to increase my cc and attack speed now
@thedicktator think you saw the skorn barb I threw some meh gear on I use my female barb nowadays.
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@thedicktator think you saw the skorn barb I threw some meh gear on I use my female barb nowadays.

7/10 - decent DPS, but low AR and health
9/10 good stats needs a little more all res and some more movement speed

Solid barb dude 7/10. You need more ms, mabye inna's? I acually have some if your interested.

Edit: I have a cold SOJ I usually only use on Mp10 or ubers. I aslo have a IK set for low mp farming as well as a Witching hour. Just saying for whomever looks at my gear.
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I friggin hate EF MH.

Nice gear. Hard to give any advice. Maybe witching hour? I roll with a lamentation too depending on my needs that run.

Your a beast :)

Great gear, maybe need to upgrade that skorn, 1300dps + 180 ish crit dam is dirt cheap these days

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wow frosty just noticed a certain gem lol....yer gear is sick
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@stacks.........7.5/10......... Those diggers ugly....should replace
9/10 nice hellfire ring
10/10 i can't see anything wrong with your setup
sick gear :3


You need more STR bonus to boost your dps even higher. Overall not bad.

Someone rate me. Please don't be mean as I'm very short on gold. I bought whatever I think makes a good barb with the low amount of gold I had. Thanks :)

Gloves w/ crit + CD, or ice climbers
Also, weapons with 1k dps w/ socket and 100+ str can be had for under one mil.
Then, get ik belt with ~200 str
Then, ammy w/ CD and CC and str.

try to reach 40k life, a little more crit (around 30%) without passives or skills, and upgrade gems. pretty well built tho
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