Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u


8/10 A better than mine.
7/10 your dps is good but ur lacking ehp, 300AR and 5000 armor is really low. Those lacunis are an easy upgrade.

4/10 start looking for crit chance and crit damage affixes, specially in gloves and jewerly, thats the best way to improve you damage. All res and defensive stats is not important on those slots so fell free to look for damage stats only.
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@ etxebe

8/10, everything is nice except for your rings. Could get better rings for less than 80m.

You could also get an IK chest with more vit that would cost around 100m.
@hoLdD 8/10 smexy barb.....one qustion though how do u deal with the fear from ef with no cold dmg soj? also thought bout throwing some vit innas and high str ice climbers no ms into the mix?
@Death, 10/10 as usual lol, seems i only get to rate you every single time i'm visiting those thread and once again the 6 CC Mempo would cost anywhere from 1-3bil (seen 5 bil ones too!).
@Phantom, 10/10, superb pieces, except for chest, which could be something to strive for. else, imba barb
@Jayson, I'll say 6.5-7.0 / 10. Each item I can see can use a bit of improvement. I also think a bit more All Resist would go a long way.
Aetherhole #1783 Nice Barb mate 8.5/10 Dont like cleeve but
waycoolz... good deeps, you ned to work on that vit if youw ant to survive high mp ubers
ALPHAOMEGA #1595 Chhers Mate already do MP10 Ubers pretty good except maybe siege and kulle bit hard but still can do due to the high CHC
Rate my barb PVP based because all of my gear has been modified for pvp. Also i do not use revenge and battle cry, instead i use ignore pain and sprint.
I don't know too much about PVP setups but my guess is that yours is pretty good. Maybe a bit more CC/CD/AS. 7/10.
Dam nice dps, but I'm sure you have one or more damage buff on. 8/10
@Never, recommend more dps but looks pretty good overall 7/10
@REX , ur barb is good i think u can find better glove with vit on it . overall is good 7.5/10

Could use more CD , nice resist and hp thou. Overall 7.5/10
@Arthur, could get a better ammy, i got mine for 200mill, you can easily afford a better one lower cd to 87% shouldn't change your dps too much, nice balance between health and dps 9/10
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@zero, get a better soj, 21% to elites is bit low ,and cleave skill +10% help not much
@adudi very solid barb man 8/10
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