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Rate the barb above u

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8/10. Definitely love your Barb. I would probably aim to get more resistances if you could.

(For some reason this won't let me log into my D3 profile on the Blizz site.)

Here's my Barb, Sticky. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kir-1667/hero/4951330

I'm going Thorns, I find it pretty fun. Any recommendations for this build?
@Sparx, that is a very interesting gearset you have on Sticky the barb. Really high thorns dmg, nice EHP, but severely low DPS. I'll give you a 7/10 for the simple fact that you're trying to go against the grain and stray from the normal cookie cutter builds and gear sets. I am curious how high of an MP level you can go before your gear/build become inefficient.
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Thank you! I actually love this build. Even with very low DPS (for now) I find it ridiculously easy to farm. I have tested MP3 on ActIII and it gets very close, but I pull through. Still unsure if LifeSteal works with Thorns at the moment but from what I have been testing it seems like it has been. Essentially I am a Self-sustaining tank which is awesome.
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Im assuming you have a pair of nice vit pants that you use for ubers/key runs, and innas are just for paragons. If not, high vita/AR pants will help tons for higher survival at higher MPs
I guess I'd work towards a higher CC/CD ammy with better average damage and str on it, then replace your offhand ring for a CC/IAS one.

Have you tried superstition in place of tough as nails? I find it gives me more survival.

Nice andys helm also!
Hard to pick out anything that needs upgrading that won't cost a fortune ... Maybe upgrade gems? Like your MH weapon..
Attack speed would help lots if you could get it pretty much anywhere.

Needs more life and CC.

All res is okay.
STR is good.
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@maskoaa nice build 9/10 need more crit chance :p
@dabox 5/10 sry bud but you seem to have no balance with your gear. Make sure u plan ahead before your upgrades
@EphWurd: 8/10 very thoughtful itemization. I would give most people 5/10 or 6/10 for gear at this level, but yours appears to synergize very well based on stats. I would give you 9/10 with a faster offhand and socketed helm. After that, your next upgrades will be obscenely expensive.
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@dabox 5/10 sry bud but you seem to have no balance with your gear. Make sure u plan ahead before your upgrades

wow lol.. no thought? my gear is for paragon leveling atm and I sorry if you don't realize that I can get 70million exp in about 45min I have a set for uber 10's etc but why the hell would I be balanced for that when that does not matter doing alk runs? your gear sucks bro <3
@ VeePow
Very well balanced stats, interesting rune you chose for rend, good for low MP's i guess, but it'd be the first thing i'd change for high MP key runs and ubers.

Same goes for the rings, great for low MP farming, but definitely work towards replacing those next IMO with some more defensive stats.

Great choice on the 5-piece IK bonus combined with unforgiving BTW, huge fury boost.

9/10 - Minus 1 because you're sitting in a very comfortable spot for farming.
dont be mad bro, you can only go up from here! Good Luck!
^Nice set, you could use more crit damage though and you'll rock. I'm just not a fan of 2hand weapons.

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Pretty good set. Imo mh should be your next upgrade

^Thanks but its hard to find it with holy damage. Holy damage just evaporates/disintegrates almost all monsters.

I can tank MP10 in 4 coop without dying while giving 1.5mil crit damge in 2 hits/sec.
@Ramsasan 6/10 your dps is low. you need a belt first off lol nice dagger, perhaps one with more dps would benefit you more. try to find boots with vit. from the looks of it ur barb looks like he should be pretty good. but the dps is low. i'm baffled.

my barb btw has max magic find just so you know before you judge
Yeah i just sold my old belt and trying to find decent witching hour for like 40m
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I was skipped a few posts up
8/10 Nice Tanking setup Fizzlesprig!!!! What mp do you farm???? I need a little help
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