Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u



having "pick up radius" would make farming easier

Meh i wish there was something like legendaries/rings/ammy only picks up radius...cuz thats the only thing i worry about picking xD screw gold :P.....also nice barb ur unbuff dps is like 178k....nice hp though i guesss the only thing that really needs to b tweaked is ur AR which is 393 atm. 6/10
how do I rate?
Techlogic #1136 6.5 -7.0 rating good work keep going


Nice IK setup.

Look at Vile Ward with life %.
SOJ instead of HF ring.
MMMM ya thinking of changing the helm to a Mempo the belt to a witching hour and the hellfire ring to one with AS/AR/STR/CHC.

It's all about the money money money!!!!

But yeah I would farm HF ring, not a very good roll tbh.

Wanna rate me bro?
Kabaly #1119-Ya to think this was my 12th Hellfire ring OH lord how bad the others were. But have 20 machines now for some more attempts
Nice Barb mate I would go 7.5 too 8/10 Bit low in the CHC area I feel.
If I could afford a crit Mempo, that would be ideal. I'm sitting on 47% CC.

If you wanna run some ubers I have machines too feel free to add me, I can handle MP10.
@Waycooloz good farm setup 8/10. why in the world are you using blackthorne pants?
@Orwell... if i go by the raw numbers its almost like rating myself lol........anyway maybe 8.5 would be fair as its a very good barb but with room to improve.
@kevothe 8/10 nice witching hour
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not bad, could use some LS on that skorn

@Dough pretty awesomeh barb 9/10 maybe a bit more ar but overall really awesomeh.
Rate me please

rings and ammys with avg damage helps alot along with AS but that is a purty ammy you got there

@ xCLASSIFIEDx you look pretty solid imo. You could use a bit more hp tho. Any advice on what i should upgrade next? Im trying to break 200k dps unbuffed. im at about 180k currently.
@Majiks, I'm not an expert on rend/Hota builds but yours looks pretty solid. A better IK chest with more vit might free up your rings/ammy for more dps tho. 7/10

Not many wasted stats, very nice. 8.5/10

edit: and yeah i know my helm, shoulders and shoes need to be better. I have em, but these have PUR on em
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decent dps but low hp.

7-10 Your critical hit chance is low, should get over 45%. Your hp is at 51k when you would like it better at 60k. Focus on aps/cc/cd and vit. If your strength sits at 2200 with high multipliers you will have monstrous dps. Also with that very high dps you can drop your LS sword and get a CD one instead, your LS passive will be enough.
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