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Rate the barb above u



about as good as you can get, but i don't want to rate anyone a 10. no one is perfect.
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7.5/10 nice balance of eHP/DPs, though i feel you could lost some vit for more str

Great build your vain slayer rocks. 9/10 next few pieces are going to cost you save up!

Unity ring totally not worth it better get a rare ring, overall 8.5/10
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I am not at a level where I should even post about you


Sick gear
@Arthur 9/10

Nice DPS and defence. Need more resists ? Currently at approx 400 plus. :)
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@Pytheus 7/10

more resists needed. Unless u can get your armor to 7k unbuffed. :)
I wont even evaluate your barb, cause your not even 60 as i see

6.5/10: vit so low that you needa use invigorate and purple gem while AR is still unsatisfactory low. Advise to shore up vit in items and drip invigorate for impunity.

I'll rate you a solid 8.5/10. Very nice equipment, although your choice for IK Eternal Reign is a little curious. I think you'd be able to get a higher vitality one, dropping the life % attribute and get more benefit. Still, a very solid looking barb! Great job!
@ Aetherhole

9/10 Maybe get a tri ammy If you could. I am still learning myself. That's the best I can do.
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can someone rate me? wondering what i should upgrade first
02/05/2013 11:15 PMPosted by adam
can someone rate me? wondering what i should upgrade first

well you're doing better than me, and i have played a lot more..so i suppose you have some good luck..i give you a 8/10.

Higher STR mempo, Tirfecta Gloves. 8.5/10

Hard to rate a barb missing gear, but it looks like you're doing pretty well so far. I'd say having your EF offhand isn't such a great choice. You'd get 10% more crit chance with it mainhand, and the fear chance is nice and low, so that shouldn't be a problem.

You really should drop cleave for bash/clobber...35% stun chance keeps the fear from EF in check, and you can literally stand there and beat down an elite without having to spin by stunning him all the time and spamming sprint to keep your WoTB up.

I'd give you an 8 out of 10 based solely on the potential I see.
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@Schizmark: 8.5 out of 10. Two things I really don't like...

1) Your weapon combo. Very low base damage on MH is terrible for tornadoes. No +critdamage on either to take advantage of the nice crit% you have. .21 aps on EF. All together unacceptable for a barb of your caliber :)

2) 12% move speed. Can I hope you left your other movement speed in your stash because you were doing ubers?
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The combo comes down to a matter of gold. I'm working on it.

The movement speed is another money thing...see above lol.

I have the makings of a rebuild sitting in my stash, but I'm not putting on one piece of it until I have everything and it's balanced.

Thanks for the advice though.

Your setup looks really nice, and I can tell that you don't have the same relative gold poverty issue that I do, so I have to give you an 8.8/10 for not having a weapon with lifesteal so you can use tough as nails to boost your armor; and for crying out loud, use CLOBBER (see my comments to rcchris) lol.
@freakinjstu 9/10, pretty sick barb, grats
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