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@Coisaruin ... 9/10 nice barb

No obvious weaknesses ... just incremental (and expensive) upgrades on every piece really. A tough spot ... or good one too as you are not restricted and can look for good deals in every slot.


........not having a weapon with lifesteal so you can use tough as nails to boost your armor;

Imho, this is very common (and expensive) mistake barbs make.

To put LS on a weapon, I would have to give up either (a) 92% crit damage on my EF, or (b) at least 100dps on my MH.
And what would I gain? 1200 armor from a TaN? Or Superstition? (my choice). Neither of those, or any other possible third passive, are remotely worth 92% crit damage or 100dps on MH. it's not even close.

I think if every barb did this calculation with their own gear, I think they would find that Bloodthirst is far and away the most effeicient third passive. The amount of "stuff' it allows you to get on your weapon easily allows you to make up for that extra armor somehwere else on your gear.

Sell the WT belt and get a similar Bash belt.
@ cel. Rated R
Phamine 8/10
Acid 8.5/10 u should have more hp if you want to do easily mp 9 or 10 especially the uber bosses.Very good set up.Celanian how can i improve my barb and what do u think.

I don't think you're going to be able to improve any gear easily or cheaply. 9/10 for you. Easiest place might be the belt. Try and get a higher str/vit version of what you have or maybe a WH.

You have a solid build and sweet gear 9.5/10. I really can't think of any advice to give you. You have plenty of life, armor, and AR. The only thing left to do is para lvl and go for BiG gear.
PhamineZ #1793

Try to work on your cc and cd but overall 6.5/10 I wish to rate u higher but........ I hope I can next time
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Aurther, looks like you have perfect barb setup 10/10. I can't think of anything you can improve on.

I hate to put a number on you... But I'd say 5 / 10 is generous.

Your Life leech is almost absent, and While I too enjoy Blackthornes Pants (That I someday hope to socket)... your pants can be upgraded greatly for not to many millions. I'm fairly confident with your current skill spec's you are quite squishy..

Note: My current Profile DPS, is not artificially raised. I'm not using a Paper DPS ring as SOJ rules them all in "reality DPS". Also note 3 aggressive passives, and I eat reflect pacts and solo stomp MP10 Magda in the corner while eating Butterfly's and getting my bowels cleansed by dual acrane beams.

You're 100% Beast. No need for improvement, you sir (or ma'am) have arrived dressed for the party.

@Bloody 8.5/10, I am not a fan of the Tal's chest you could get a much higher VIT roll with an IK and make the set bonus with a IK belt or gloves.
02/06/2013 02:05 PMPosted by Seph
@Bloody 8.5/10, I am not a fan of the Tal's chest you could get a much higher VIT roll with an IK and make the set bonus with a IK belt or gloves.

The overwhelmingly popular choice is the IK chest (it's a wonderful piece)...but in order to maintain 36ticks on the offhand, the Tal Rasha is a must. Thnx for the critique.

@ Seph


You've put together a good DPS number but both your crit chance and all resist are low. For example, you could try adding a few more slots of all resist and then changing war cry to killing spree for an additional 10% crit chance.

Those two things are what jump out at me from what I'm seeing.

Nice eHP but a bit low on dps. Overall though good stuff! 7.5/10
@Seph 6/10 nice hp/atkspeed low ar and life steal 3% O_o
Pretty damn godly compared to mine... 8/10
@IamSpartacus 6/10

more vit and armor. You can also improve your gems.
Well...after farming with my WD I finaly found enough equipment for my bard and wow what a pleasent surprise he has been. I know many areas can and will be improved but what a nice change.

This is just the beginning!
@Palms21, follow the thread rules to rate the above person before you request your rating.
For your barb, I would rate 6.5/10, try to get more CD in the MH.

@I3atu, you need to improve overall buddy. Need to start looking into having CC & CD in jewels. This will improve your DPS. Overall 5/10.
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