Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u

oh no! I got skipped. Can someone give me a rating?


Nice build, good AR, DPS and plenty of life. It appears that you are going for a tank build. More armor and a shield with more of a chance to block would be nice upgrades. 8/10

5/10. Need more Crit Damage for sure! Crit chance is low. Need to focus on getting better jewerly. You have got a lot of room for improvement. You should be able to get upgrades pretty easily at this point. I could say more, but you have so many options its too long to list.(and I dont mean that negatively.)

But for sure: Increase Crit Damage. Way to LOW, Crit chance should be breaking into the 30's, and for gods sake get some movement speed. Thats a must bro.
@ BigBaller

Just commented on your barb in another thread, gotta go 10/10. Tough to see many if any flaws here!
Need to get some attack speed if you are going to run around w/ that Skorn.
CC good health ok but AR a bit low for Skorn user.

Can anyone coment on my barb? Maybe some suggestions? Tnx
can't find profile
@grogan. Wow nice barb. Not much to critique. Sick gear. Wish I was that rich

8/10 nice throw build!
@NeverNguyen nice dps and gear there.
Not sure how to rate U @reversal, but ur stats are nice so a 7.
@sayian999 very nice built , 7+ish
isn't your hp a bit to low?
@ Sayian 5/10 on the Barb you are headed in the right direction just need to keep it up. Gems, Weps with sockets etc.

I was evaluated earlier but apparently since I had my farming gear on Cold SOJ etc, I was penalized. Please rate now :D
@Seph: Very decent WW barb, Seph. Really like it. Unlike others, I prefer Cold SOJ on since you get more damage from enemies stuck in your tornadoes. I can't imagine not using it with WW barb and echoing fury in main hand. Been deeply considering using my DH's witching hour myself for the 10k DPS boost and moving to Blood Lust.
@Sayian999 I am just a good old fashion tanking barb, just got back from a long break, doing mp 3 in act 1and is a cake walk. Depending on how easy it is later I will start cranking up the difficulty. More than likely I won't start having troubles until around mp 6-7.

@Tekkazerox I have never been to keep up with the different builds and gear requirements but looking pretty good, 8/10.
@Reversal beasty life

Umm... 10/10. Lets say, even five of my characters HP combined, you can still one shot. So yeah
@Dragonbolds 5/10 Get a memp for helm an IK chest when you can and some better bracers to start. Good start for you so far it seems

You can get some more ias and cc on items missing it, and maybe a higher dps main hand, excellent ehp though.

going to rate 7.5/10
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9.5/10 good stuff man, but no one is perfect. Both your weapon has CD and LS, thats crazy lol. Crazy IAS too.

7.3/10. Need to max out movement speed. Also, templar is the last follower you should use.
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