Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u


Very nice! I'll say 9.5 (10 meaning you should quit cuz no progress left). There's a few spots left for a little more improvement, but not much and I'm sure it's at the ridiculously costly point for upgrades.


would say 8.5/10
@brendo 7/10
need crit on lacunis and LS in general.
@etxebe, pretty nice barb 8.5/10, just maybe get a cold SOJ, and keep upgrading crit dmg and str.
EDIT: i think u can drop LS on weapons if u want, to get more crit dmg on OH, if u want to marry bloodthirst.
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CoisaRuin - I'd say you are similar to myself. Maybe a 7? not sure how to rate.

Decent stuff, but not top end of anything. Ie. memo without crit hit. (which, my 115mil gold, one it reaches 400 mill, i may invest in, unless can find multiple better stuff).

Armour - never thought of using that armour, i guess the speed helps more than IK str bonus?


I was using the setup u must have seen in an attempt to use skorn for ww, it did work, but i didnt like it very much. That is why i put increased atack speed everywhere, i reached 2.0 aps with wotb, but didnt like it, now im using the same setup with dual 1 handers and its really good for farming with 2.87 aps with wotb. can keep wrath at mp3. kind of, needs a lot of concentration but its doable.
Any suggestions for my barb?

You have to rate someone to get rated anyways u need more attack speed and please change your main hand to Axe or Mace for 10% CC bonus, Over rall 6/10


Your barbs are ok but lack of CC u should work on that, Overall 7/10

I do upgrade for barb if anyone need help
@Arthur 9.5/10 Great stuff

Overall, the gear is good, but I think you'd be better off going with a Skorn for the build you have. That, however, would also require you to get more attack speed on your gear.

Overall, 7/10

Very nice barb. 9/10.

I need to take the plunge and forgo the 5pc IK like you . It has become a comfortable crutch.

Very nice barb, those weapons are pretty awesome

Beast barb, 9.5/10. Only suggestion would be that the axe falls right in middle of a breakpoint, 7 or 8 more ias (mempo or gloves if decide to keep IK) to hit next BP or a higher avg damage mace would probably be ideal.

Nice barb! (: 7/10, Ar is low i would assume, but.. doesnt mean you cant handle high mp levels. I myself am running 530+ ar and have minor trouble in mp10
not bad but dont care for the oh
@bogden 7/10 nice barb
@BigDog nice set up 8/10.....that dps is buffed right?
tottaly miss spelled yar name ahaha...and actually didnt just got confused with some 1 elses XD
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@G3N3S1S 8/10. Not really a fan of low HP
Treal, looks like a cross between pvp and pve setup. Mempo, litany and gloves could be easily upgraded/recrafted
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