Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u

@Bigsexi - 4/10. Seriously lacking vit and AR. Dagger MH is questionable at best and your rings need upgrading in a big way.
@morgue 9/10
@Weaver 9.5/10
8.2/10 great barb maybe you r next upgrade can be your hands or something overall very good
6.5/10. You need more CC and a decent Echoing Fury for the APS bonus.
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12/23/2012 05:31 PMPosted by Jho
6.5/10. You need more CC and a decent Echoing Fury for the APS bonus.

7/10 decent damage barb, but really lacking in AR
7/10 pretty good armor gear, but the weapons are in serious need of upgrading. Overall a nice work in progress Crit barb. I am jealous for your immortal kings :D
I gotta give you a 8/10 just because he's HARDCORE! Once you get those sweet legendary drops, watchout :)


Try and upgrade your ik gear, get some more vit and try for crit damage on your main hand in the future.

Nice build 9/10
O wow Valadic 9/10, you're like everything I want to be.

Good CC, needs more Vit and IAS to improve. 6.5/10
@maskoa 8/10 big no no to that chest piece .

I'm sure youve been told a million times to drop it for an ik so you can use a witching.
Breakpoint leolaw plus there is no room to drop the healing on my belt. Plus 3 set IK bonus is love. I also refuse to wear baby blue items lol.
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My friend, the witching has ias too.

Get lifesteal weapons or use the passive.

Ik chest piece is not baby blue neither is the belt
I know that but like I said thats to much regearing for me to care to bother. Its a luxury not having to worry about life steal on weapons.

i would try to get weps with ias and crit dam and have them crit gemmed(u probly got those offhand?) possibly some CC in your lacuni's and mempo with CC but those can get expensive and i would look for ik gloves with some crit dam aswell

what the heck do i need?
whooops.... that was for NIVID on the first page.. :/
7/10, not played barb for long so not great at judging. Got some nice resistances, though when using impunity and 20% extra resistance I would almost go to say that you could drop some of it for more dps oriented stats! =) I could be wrong though =)

Put this barb together yesterday, would love any feedback ^^.


*edit, linked the eu one, yes im eu... deal with it ;p
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