Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u

Nice barb you got there. 7.5/10
@jho you got an awesome barb :)
@Aikilu 8/10...nice balance between dmg and d
NIce dps, maybe low resist? But still a nice barb 8.5/10

7/10 Definitely getting there. Watch that vitality...

Very good looking so far! Very “Can’t go wrong and by the book”.

By the way KUDOS for the 666 on the shoulders : ) That’s a number that simply rocks.

I understand the goals of your build and naturally, as you are aware, there is always room for improvement, but for a barb, this guy can farm like Mr. GreenJeans.

For your particular goals…

9 out of 10. With improvement very difficult at this point, costing a LOT of $$.

@ op

gotta love rmah. 5k elite kills and maxed out in gear, then post in forums for comments.....
@ osmodious

excellent gear dude 10/10. dollars definitely well spent...
@ Stentorian-
Great gear and so rare to see an efficient throwing barb, love how you changed it up.


Ditch the chest - not sure what you're thinking there. Get some average damage on your rings/amulet. Lifesteal on the weapon is pretty vital for high mp reflect mobs.
*** Don't rate me just Commenting rate guy above me ***


Lol actually on the shoulders bought just cuz of that. Yeah, Yeah, I know but had to. lol

Uhh I guess you could get higher str ice climbers lol?

Over all good 9/10.

CC is good, Vit could come up alittle, All res is good, would like to see more IAS and a socked helm.
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Wow, you're a beast!!! 10/10
@ViolatorX awesome barb great all resist but maybe some more vitality would help you out, ur mainhand is monstrous too. Nee to get me one of those.

Maskoaa & ViolatorX, Well done, those are 2 impressive barbs 10/10

Bad3dabone, I recommend more CC as you seem a bit low in that area
@MrEyegasm it looks like you logged out buffed because that gear shouldn't give you 200k dps. I guess you do have a skorn though. 5/10 Need more all res or I don't see you surviving well without 6% lifesteal.

Just checked diablo progress you have 100k dps unbuffed so probably about 140k dps with passives. Person who rates me, my next upgrade is going to be an EHP upgrade, I was thinking ice climbers with 70-80 vitality.
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Good looking barb...nicely rounded. Improvements you might aim for would be more armor and HP, but one look tells me you already wreck the game. Cheers.
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Nice solid diverse gear you have there. I'd say 8.5/10
@Haunted 4/10. Need more crit chance and a lot more health. CC on lacunis, more on amulet, crit on left ring, get rid of glass cannon inna's so you can get more all resistance. You're EHP is under 500k so you need more all resistance, armor and vit.
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