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Rate the barb above u


Some nice pieces and creative searching, I get a feeling you have got some good deals on armor comparable to legs for far less price.

8/10 I would work a bit on the crit chance, seems just a bit under where you want it. New IK chest with more vitality will prob be oyur nxt "BIG" purchase.
^yea bro, I found this chest haven't bothered to upgrade it yet. I giant vitality one will be next. And yep, crit chance helm and big crit ring to replace hell fire soon. And yea, some pretty good deals on the rare gear. I can solo mp 8-9on this build purely because of my 6% life steal skorn.

Edit* rate techjunkie next...
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@ Techjunkie : 11/10 mate. Awesome gear, crazy DPS. Sweet Barb!!

Lots of upgrades for my barb, but still slowly saving...
Could anyone give me any suggestions as to what I should upgrade next please? I am wearing a Hellfire Ring strictly for the bonus exp. I have a so-so Litany that I use for Ubers.

Thank you!
@ Joel

6/10 Your vitality is a bit low. Many pieces with low roll on vitality. Work on getting that up as well as DPS. You need Attack Speed on ya. You are good with CC and CD so get a little more IAS and you will be looking nice. Not bad gear by any means just needs a bump to the next level


8/10 Your vitality looks to be taking a hit as well, I also worry about your resists. Lose a lot with WH IK gloves and innas so you will have to work to make up other places. Work on that before you even mess with worrying about the DPS. It only gets harder. Otherwise good damage at this point every upgrade will have you comparing like crazy.

For your next upgrade i would go with at least a dual stats or trifecta gloves. Or maybe switch out that amulet for a few more stats. I like the amulet but without the set there are better rares to be had.
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@Joel : Nice Barb! I was stuck on 5 Piece IK armor + 2 piece Blackthorn for a while too. I really like the bonuses they gave, but I was suffering on DPS. Depending on how much gold you have access to, the usual legend upgrades can be pretty nice upgrades for you. I think you can get a Blackthorn Cross for a decent price and get the 2 piece bonus.
@Techjunkie : As a matter of fact, I am lacking in Resists for sure in addition to Vit. So do you think I should sacrifice DPS in lieu of more Vit and Resists?

What do you think of changing my WH for a 3.0LS IK belt? What gloves would you suggest?

Thank you for your help btw!

Just read your edit! TY
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I dont think you will need to sacrifice too much DPS for a bump in resists and vitality. I do think having the proper EHP HELPS your DPS. If you don't run away or die as much that is more uptime on actually hitting the enemy.

I like WH belts but they are one of the hardest to balance in a gear set. You will have to make up what you lose in other places. Carry both in my opinion and switch when your having a hard time. Hard to lose that 20k dps they offer.

For your gloves look for some with AS/CC or CC/CD wichever you feel like you need more of. If you have the cash grab some with AR on them as well. IK gloves have great stats and you need to keep the two piece IK bonus since you are allready low on AR.

Like I said you have a great barb you just need a bit of tweaking to jump to that next level.

On looking a bit more at your gear you could switch your gloves to include the Attack Speed and Crit Chance then go with an amulet with CD and CC. I think this is what i would do. Amulets go up to 100 Crit damage so best to get it there and weapons.

***Guys don't rate me*** Just offering advice
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The only items worth updraging are the mempo for one with crit obv, and both weapons, an EF with less dps but LS and a main hand with built-in crit damage, otherwise its perfect.
@etxebe - biggest thing I see is a better MH if fury generation isn't an issue, a mace/axe for more CC. Other than that possibly a higher str IK chest.
@walkingdeath - Please do something about those gems! lol

@walkingdeath not bad with low gems and high damage, 7/10. guess all u need is more cc and better gems ^^. not sure if u want more res but it dont hurt
I have 51% CC unbuffed, is that too low? And ya my gems suck just upgraded the emerald working on the str gems.

Other than gems any suggestions?
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If I were you I would drop inna pants and pick up some blackthorn, you need ehp
Very nice gear but you need your rubies in your gear and emeralds on your weapons.
but impressive dps with out any gems.
was meant for Nevin

I think u need more Crit Chance. Noticed that u have none on your rings/ammy. You also depends too heavily on the stats on your weaps that it may hinder ur next upgrade. 5/10
Goomba and I were both skipped =D
I got other rings not equipped currently
but I need better pants, rings and ammy
any suggestions on which set or legendary rings or ammys?
@ Goomba

7/10 vitality You need it something fierce. IK chest may be a good place to get it if you can swing it. Thats where i would start


10/10 greaat looking barb. great defense and Offense. Sure you COULD pick up some new gear but I think it will tough to improve on what you have. Very nice looking barb, very.


6/10 Work on those resists, just a tad low. You don't need Leg rings or ammy at all, rares are just fine. Ammy go for CD/CC, rings go for CC/AS throw in some avg dmg and strength when you can.
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