Diablo® III

Rate the barb above u


10/10 for sure, very godly barb love your dps and as said above wouldn't really change much or hard to improve on, have you tried dual wielding?
@friendly i could never play a barb or any class in this game with no movement speed or sprint buff. get some !@#$ing movement speed dude. !!!!
lameboi i use it for mp10 there is really no need to run fast like low mp ww runs as I am sure you are thinking of
@FriendlyFade dont have so much to say good gear.
@Urban I like your haste/cc focus on jewelry I'd think about maybe purchasing IK gloves for 3 piece bonus and crit chance lacuni bracers
rate me!!
12/27/2012 02:43 PMPosted by Enxius
@Urban I like your haste/cc focus on jewelry I'd think about maybe purchasing IK gloves for 3 piece bonus and crit chance lacuni bracers

9/10 whats ur real dps ?
Nice barb great HP and DPS.
Clearing mp10 must be a breeze.
p.s probably should rate higher but need to leave room for

just read the rating on me at 8.8
so your rating is now 9.3 (your barb is better than mine)
Edited by grogan#6557 on 12/28/2012 5:52 AM PST
very nice man i do like your hybrid hota / wep throw / sprint barb haha ive definitly never seen that before so 10/10 on originality

overall with gear and stats 8.8/10
@ jim

9/10 Skorn barb, pretty cool. No AR on the shoulders? I assume thats on your list for upgrades. I really like your pants and that unity. Also your other trifecta ring has some amazing EHP. Very nice overall except the shoulders and non lifesteal skorn.
@FeRMi, nice barb you got there. I really like that high rolled cc hellfire,pretty epic one. You've got crazy hp too!, probably better to find a high dps life steal + os, echoing fury this way you can ditch bloodlust for tough as nail or even superstition for even more mitigation, problem is that you'd lose the vit on it hence why I never stacked vit on weapons. Aside from that great hp and damage, 9.5/10.
@Phantom: 9.9/10, wish I had your Mempo/Ice Climbers/Lacunis.
@theridor.......7.5/10.........still places to upgrade but solid
@ruthless 9.2/10. Insane SC barb.
@ weaver

Didnt play HC, but your barb seems very good, maybe needs MS and LS
nice barb 9/10
also are alot of the dmg numbers im seein on this thread buffed with rotb? im jw because when i took a break from playing a few months back having 90k dmg as a barb was amazing and now most people seem to have over 100k >.>

Stock up on crit chance, upgrade gems, overall your doing fine
@TimPam nice looking barb with all those rares. 7/10. I'll stack more crit chance if. We're you. Cheers!
@Sebz Nice one, all that mf gotta help u out a lot! High mf, res and 145k dmg, sweet! 8/10
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