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BIG problem in RMAH


Like other players, the money of 6 items which was sold out in RMAH since 18/12/2012 was not transferrd to my paypal account yet.

More serious thing is, I just found several items which i tried to sell in the RMAH could not be seen by me and other players ( such as Echoing Fury & The Conqueror). I used both my and my friend's account to search the item 1 hour after it was put into sell section but could not find them. I am pretty sure i use the correct name or stats to search.

Plz check it for me......my tag is panda#1332
I have received pay for items sold into my Blizzard account however like this poster and I have put up a pair of Lacuni Prowlers on RMAH and they are not showing up. When I first noticed this I just ended the auction and the reposted them and let them go overnight. Checked this morning and I have the same issue. Some items are showing and some are not.

An interesting this along the lines of this is that when doing the appropriate filters for my item to see if it is showing up I noticed that there where several items showing as expired. In fact, they where the same items that where showing expired the day before when I first noticed the issue of my items are not showing up.

Clearly there is something going on with AH. If a Blue would be so kind as to respond to this thread to let us know that this is being looked at that would be great.

Thank You in advance
I'm out $294.72 over 30 transactions too. Keep the posts alive, last time there was a bunch of us that had this issue, they locked & deleted our threads, sent us to open a ticket (which we obviously already had done), separated us and swept it under the rug. I can't speak for the others that had my issue on October 30th, but I know I still haven't been paid, still haven't had an honest attempt at someone helping me, still haven't gotten anywhere.

Keep posting here or you will be separated and swept under the rug, trust me I know from experience.

TO BLUES: dont forget me like last time! I have been patient since october 30th. Help, even this late, is greatly appreciated.
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Keep posting here or you will be separated and swept under the rug, trust me I know from experience.


They will lock and delete threads when they are duplicates or when people are not constructive (trolling, spamming, swearing). The Blues prefer you stick to one thread on the issue instead of multiple per the front page. There is one on the front page here that the Blues are already paying attention to with regard to PayPal issues. Keep PayPal issues there. This thread here was about issues SEEING posted auctions. Don't mix issues :)
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These People NEED to be spammed....this is a VERY serious issue in which we have been given almost no information about. People are paying money and getting nothing in return...
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The correct forum for your report is the Bug Report forum located here:

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