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So, I understand with an extreme lack of Necromancers that there is an okay enough reason for Trag'Oul to have not warranted much, if any, mention in Diablo 3. However, in the Sin Wars, he makes it fairly evident he's very intent upon protecting the Balance of things, particularly in and around Sanctuary. Since mankind, as the resurfacing Nephalem, are left on amiable terms at the end of Act IV, it leaves you to wonder...

What will Trag'Oul and the Necromancers do in reaction to this? The Prime Evil in the form of Diablo was just defeated, and the Balance of creation would clearly be tipped in the favor of Heaven. Does this mean the celestial dragon may target the High Heavens? Destroy the Angles to preserve the balance between Heaven and Hell? Would the Nephalem side with the Guardian of their world, or their allies in Heaven? Could such a conflict cause the remnants of Hell to pick a side; nephalem or angels?

Or shall our favorite and only dragon in the entire history of Diablo remain content to play amongst the stars, hidden from Heaven and Hell? Makes you wonder about the guardians of other worlds too.
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I'm 95% positive that the Necromancers will be back in the D3 expansion. Blizzard has stated that they would love to see the Necro come back, and there are actual Necromancer NPCs in the game already (if you know where to look).

This means that the Necromancers are still active 20 years after the Worldstone was destroyed, and could be marshaling their forces in the shadows. To what end, I cannot say... but Trag'Oul's absence is too conspicuous. Maybe Trag'Oul is tied to the Worldstone. Maybe Trag'Oul is Shen.
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12/26/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Vexander
Does this mean the celestial dragon may target the High Heavens?

I read a very interesting (4 or 5 part story) hypothesizing on this... would be fun to see it happen!
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10/31/2012 04:23 AMPosted by PureLaine
Rathma being the 1st one and Trag-Oul as the Aspect of balance between Hell and Heaven. The Balance being ported on the High Heavens side at the end of Diablo 3 will lead Trag-Oul to summon new Necromancers to bring back the Balance in the next expansion.
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