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Gem Concepts for 1.10

I like the idea of new gems with new properties, but I don't like anything dropping only from a certain enemy. From a certain chapter, or area, or style of area (like Act I catacombs, or Act II sewers) or for certain enemies is ok, but not from a single enemy.

It would also be nice if they brought back the socketable runes in some form, and even better the jewels, specially if you could craft enchanted jewels in the Jeweler much like you do weapons and armor in the Blacksmith.
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new gems shouldnt be a drop. bots would farm it. they should be thru a new mini game.
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• Amber: Helm - Increases x attack speed, Weapon - Adds x fire dmg / Other -adds x fire resist

• Skull: Helm – Gain x resource on crit / Weapon - Adds x% lifesteal / Other - Generates x Resource per second

• Zircon: Helm – Adds x% stun chance / Weapon – Adds x% lighting dmg / Other - Increases pickup radius by x

• Sapphire: Helm – Adds Cold Aura around you slowing enemies by x% / Weapon – Adds x cold dmg / Other x adds cost resist

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They should definately implement these into the game. They would most likely change the stats the gems give for sure, but on the flip side, I have a feeling that diamonds, sapphires and skulls will most likely be in the expansion. I think we'll be seeing rune stones happen again in the xpac as well. Excellent idea though for sure.
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01/01/2013 08:34 PMPosted by necropuddi
Nobody cares about reflect damage (unless it's an elite affix, then everybody cares).

I Lol'd.
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If runes were brought back the current system would have to change. Take for example that 6 socket colossus blade from d2. You wouldn't have BoTD. You would have 600% crit dmg.
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That's great!!! +10! It's about time that Gems have better stats!
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Nice suggestions!!!
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I like what I'm seeing here. Now with some sweet runes.:)
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Not really sure how this would improve gameplay. I'd hope new gems introduce new mechanics, not reuse the sad broken stats we have now that are part of the failed itemization.
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Give non barb belts a chance at socket that can gain lifesteal or attack speed.
Give gems in pants the option of attack speed or run speed.

Tired of Inna's !@#$ing pants and Witching hour often being the ONLY options in those slots. ty and like.
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great ideas;hope that blizz uses it
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why am i not surprised there is no blue response
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thats cool and they need good runes and runewords! they are sooo diablo!!!
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Some of these gems are a little too good, the skull should be halved for sure. 1000 LoH is a bit much considering you can't get LoH normally on a helm.
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I seriously hope somtin like this happens soon ..awesome idea op
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Dang man these are cool ideas. I like the how the diamond, skull, and demon heart ideas for weapons. How they let you choose between really good stats like life steal, or cc or damage against elites to give a unique preference. Some of those numbers might have to be adjusted this is awesome. Hope the boys upstairs will listen because this is some unique variation that the game has been lacking.
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Yep, gems need to be overhauled. Crit damage needs to be removed from emerald and changed into something else. Also we need jewels back, basicly its a gem but instead of fixed ffixes it acts more like a rare item with 4 random low powered affix'es. Also runes and runewords of course.

Also blue items need to have a chance to be end-game just like they were in D2. For example, blue barb helms with 3 to shouts/or 2 all skills, 3 to battle orders, 80+ life and 2 sockets plus the 2 more random skill bonuses could be godly. Alot of people used blue circlets with 20 fcr/2-3 all skill with 2 sockets. Even some armors with 24 fhr/100 life and 4 sockets. These blue items were mainly good because of the amount of sockets combined with good jewels.

we need more equip options!

good rares
good crafts
top notch jeweled/gem'd/runed blues
runewords(making high quality whites usable and desireable)

Perhaps even white items that could get more sockets than anything else, making them useless alone but good when jeweled/gem'ed properly.

I dont believe there should be a quality level above legendary though because to me that would require them to be better than legendaries, which we dont need anything better, just more options.
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I've always assumed more gem types or single runes might already have been earmarked for a full expansion feature rather than introduction via incremental content improvements. Only guessing here but i'm not expecting changes to that system for some time.
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I am all for new content and more to strive for, and kudos to HPX for getting off his !@#$ and at least coming up with some valid ideas instead of just getting on here and whining like most people do..... Well done Bro
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