Diablo® III

Molten versus Desecrate. What gives?

Is it just me or is does Molten simply own more than any other affix in the game?

If spun up, I can stand in a MP10 pool of Desecrate, which one would think would be the most powerful of the fire spells, can even do it with electrify, RD and an arcane sweeping over me, with some help from Barbs Warcry.

1 nick from molten though is almost instant death.

What gives?

I would have though Desecrate > Molten, but as it currently stands, Molten > ALL!
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Desecrator is physical damage. Based on personal experience Molten>Desecrate though
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Shielding+Extra Health is the worst by far
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problems are those range elites like sucubus which tries to run all over the place and gets you to walk all over that molten sh*ts
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It's spike damage versus constant.

Once wound up, you have a constant source of HP coming in from LoH. Even if you're losing ground against desecrate, it's a slow burn. With molten explosions, you take a massive spike in damage.

If I otherwise have things locked down well, I'll stand in ONE blast to keep the rest of the pack from getting loose, but I can't take 2 hits at the same time (no time to heal in between).
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01/03/2013 11:37 PMPosted by BotakZhang
Desecrator is physical damage.

Who would have thought that?? I agree though Molten seems to melt straight through me.

01/04/2013 12:06 AMPosted by Comrade
Shielding+Extra Health is the worst by far

Fast, Fire Chains, Teleport a good combo?

Anyway I will pay that one. So annoying to run into shielding when running paragon levels on MP0-1. Things you would normally walk straight over are suddenly invincible immoveable objects.

Although you have to laugh when they roll with Shielding, Teleport, Extra Health, Waller, Illusionist, Avenger and that is it.
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I could care less about molten when i have to deal with Reflectrified O_O.

On a serious note, for Molten you've got to make sure you don't teleport or walk into the huge AOE pools they can leave behind (Soul Lashers, Blood Occultist, etc).. no matter how much mitigation you have, if your not procing and your taking heavy damage... well thats just bad news for a SNS wiz. Desecrator isn't too bad with 1 Pool, but if you have 3 Desec. pools on top of you at one time.. its about time to move. Same rule goes for molten, a little bit is easily mitigated, but its those huge pool delay patches it can leave behind that get nasty. Gotta watch the monsters movement if there is a stutter in your freeze and reposition accordingly.
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