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5 worst games of all time!

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I'm gonna go for superman 64 and about every single game on the CDI

Diablo 3 would fall into the most dissapointing category
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I dont think Diablo 3 belongs here because it is still going. I know its in a rough repetitive spot right now, but I have faith.
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I dont play bad games, and if i do anyway, then i forget them right away. GG.
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12/16/2012 08:21 PMPosted by Nocturnal
I dont play bad games, and if i do anyway, then i forget them right away. GG.
Well you've had better luck than I have because I've came across some !@#$ty ones in my day.
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- UO Carebear (Trammel)
- This Means War
- Gene Wars (The Ethereals are coming and Peter Molyneux sucks the big one)
- Kingdoms (By Cavedog makers of TA, second biggest disappointment ever)
- Dark Colony ( Surprising resemblance to Avator notwithstanding)
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1. Train simulator

2. all CoDs

3. Runescape (LOL)

4. Dota 2


EDIT: I like how nobody mentioned runescape... :D
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'Black and White'

So tedious, it has been forgotten.

Also, it was a hype template for D3.

Critics initially awarded Black & White with high praise, averaging 90% at both Metacritic and GameRankings, based on preliminary gameplay. Some critics, after spending more time reviewing the game, altered their judgement: Black & White was selected by GameSpy as the most overrated game of all time in an article published in September 2003, who cited a lack of true interaction with the game's townspeople and poor use of the much-lauded creatures among reasons the game ultimately disappointed and IGN mentioned the game in one of their podcasts discussing overrated games

Black and white is probably one of my favorite games of all time.

the worst games i've played
1 Superman 64
2 Loki, a horrid diablo clone name a bad game in the genre, this game is 30-50X worse
3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
4 Manhunt 2
5. Dark Rift

Best games i've played really tied, or best of genre
Diablo 3 Diablo clone
Just Cause 2, Open world TPS sandbox
Far Cry 3, Open world FPS Campaign
Witcher 2 Action RPG
Half-life 2 best Linear campaign FPS
Audiosurf Music game
Starcraft 2 RTS
Civilization V Turn Based Strategy
Dota 2 Best Moba

Honorable mentions
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes
Batman AA/AC

4. Dota 2
how do you not like Dota 2 its the best in the genre
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Since we have did a five best games of all time thread, why not do a 5 worst? Don't be a punk and say D3. Be creative and throw in games that you really didnt like who cares if it is a number 1 seller!

Michael Jackson Moonwalker(Horrible,Horrible,Horrible)
Kingdoms of Amular(So much time and money spent Curt Schilling's is bankrupt lol)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2(They just went to kid like for this series for me)
Modern Warfare 3(I just didnt like this game)
Superman N64(Yes I bought this game and man it was just horrible)

1 - Michael Jackson Moonwalker. I was stupid enough as a kid to get this game ahahahahhaah. it was just plain wrong!
2 - Back to the future - I cant recall which one but I broke my TV playing this game :D
3 - WOW
4 - AC3
5 - D3 is not a bad game - it is here because it has been stripped down to the bones and has nothing to offer but disappointment
I agree with you about D3...and the Michael Jackson game sold based on his fame during the time. I bet he would have liked to play the game with the kids at a slumber party in neverland....lol
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12/16/2012 05:24 PMPosted by DrowMaster
I dont think Diablo 3 belongs here because it is still going. I know its in a rough repetitive spot right now, but I have faith.

By that logic, no game is a failure until its servers are taken down? The game sucks at the moment, by most accounts. Sure, it might come good, but why judge on future potential, when what we have to play with now is trash?
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Any game this guy says......

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Lets keep the list going
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Best games played:

1. Magic the Gathering Micropose



The very first PC game based on the grand daddy of CCG, it was one of the most complex game software of it's generation. Even today, it still has an activity community modding the game and adding new cards and mechanics.

2. Dungeon Keeper

God game with humor. And you are evil.

3. Final Fantasy Tatics

Best grid-based strategy combat RPG of all time.

4. Fallout 3

First and (currently) best open world FPS RPG of all time.

5. Skyrim

Better than Oblivion's game mechanics and graphics. But quests are a bit too single path compared to oblivion. Still Skyrim ranks just slightly above. (Do note that I have not played Morrowind)

6. Counterstrike 1.6

First and best team-based FPS of all time.

Most disappointed games played:

1. Guild wars 2

A far cry from GW1. The developers pushed too much into the MMO area.

2. The Witcher 2

If I want to keep jumping and rolling like a mofo in combat, I would just load up Sonic the Hedgehog.

3. Dungeon Keeper 3

As in, it was not made. In the same vein, Age of Wonders 3, FFT2 and Red Alert 4.

4. Titan quest and dungeon seige

Sorry, you just aren't D2.

5. Magic the Gathering 2012

Come on, get the freaking deck builder out already instead of the money grabbing foils.
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Can I just do dissapointing games?

5) SWOTR - Relied way to heavily on brand on not enough on content
4) Monday Night Combat - Bought the game, played it, went free, made free sequel. !@#$ that.
3) Halo 4 - absolutely unneeded as a console game, worst story in the series, and COD multiplayer rip off. Reach was %^-*ing perfect, why did they need to force another game out of the franchise?
2) Duke Nukem Forever - Why couldn't it have been released 6 years earlier?
1) Too Human - for all the hype we were left with something that had amazing potential but was ultimately unfinished
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12/15/2012 05:55 PMPosted by Palach
D3 is not even close to the worst game of all time, but it IS the most disappointing game of all time.

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1. Bump n' Jump (NES)
2. 50 Cent: Bulletproof (PS2)
3. Top Gun 2 (NES)
4. X-Blades (PC)
5. Fernandez Must Die (Commodore 64)
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