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How is damage calculated with 2 x 1h bows?

I am trying to work out the damage for my demon hunter so I can better assess the effect of +CHC or +IAS etc. but I can't seem to get the figures the game tells me.

My DH has 223 base dex. with 15% CHC, 50% CHD and +20% damage as a mod. I have the two Danetta's set bows, one has 576 damage (actually 575.72007 to fit the results), 1.60 attack speed and 178 dex with an 80% CH damage jewel. The game gives it 6617.87 damage on its own. This fits with 575.2007 x 5.01 (dex 223 + 178 a base 100) x 1.6 (attack rate) x 1.195 (CHC 15%, CHD 130%) x 1.2 (mod from passive skill)

The second bow has 612 damage (or 611.97984), 182 dex. and 176 CH damage. The game gives it 7945.30 damage: 611.97984 x 5.05 (dex) x 1.6 x 1.339 (CHC 15 CHD 226) x 1.2.

If I put the two bows together I get damage of 15553.27 (All this is with no other equipment on btw). My multipliers are 6.83 (dex), 1.6 (speed), 1.459 (crit. hit) and 1.2 (passive skills). If I divide the total damage of 15553.27 I get what should be my base damage as 812.91378.

My problem is I can't see how the game gets to 812 base damage from 2 bows, one with base damage of 576 and the other with 612. It seems to me it should be 594, being the average of the 2 bows.
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After playing around a bit with low level bows/DHs it seems to me that when a DH adds a second 1h xbow the damage of the two is averaged and any modifiers are added and a 15% bonus is given to attack speed, so it seems I have answered my own question.

This only seems to work however, when the two xbows have the same speed. If one is faster then the add 15% formula doesn't work. I also noticed that when I put the faster bow in the left slot I get a faster "attacks per second" rating for the DH as a whole but that the total damage remains the same, however this was for 2 bows where the faster one had slightly lower damage. Clearly more researching to do but if anyone has any helpful suggestions I would appreciate them.
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look at the stats page when you fire, the attacks per second number will alternate between both bows
(overall dps doesnt change)

not sure what else you want to know
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Yes I see that the number changes when the 2 bows have different speeds. My main query remains that I can't get the damage per second to agree when I have two xbows with different speeds.

Where 2 xbows have the same speed one just averages the damage of each and adds the modifiers and then one also gets a bonus 15% to the base bow speed. It seems odd that the two bows' damage are not added but hey-ho.
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check out d3up and upload your profile. there is a page which shows you how damage is calculated

hope that helps
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12/17/2012 04:15 AMPosted by pliget
I am trying to work out the damage

you will run into small rounding issues when dealing with any %'s such as IAS% and elemental %

but all the work has been done since beta, here is a collection that includes links

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This is my dps and skill damage calc. Everything needed either comes from the char sheet or weapon tooltip. There is an area to get exact damage numbers so theres no rounding errors, this part is optional. The dual wield sheets break down damage for both bows.


edit: I lied about all stats coming from char sheet. You have to add up IAS, min/max damage from rings/amulets, % add elemental damage, and + skill dmg from SoJ, cloak, or quiver.
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