Diablo® III

Good game, bad community.

I don't really care about the community anymore. I got tired of all the QQing pretty early on. I expected the Diablo community to be more mature than this. I really just focus on playing the game, having fun and looking forward to some improvements and added content in the patches.
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Hey, you may remember me... I'm the guy that says the blatant truth about D3 and has been involved in as many constructive threads as I possibly can since launch... the problem though is that you people don't listen to constructive feedback... I think most of the people on these forums would agree. Countless (here's an idea) threads go down the crappy-tubes, while garbage, spam, and gold farmer threads clog the main page. You guys really let me down on this one. The only glimmer of hope I've felt so far is seeing the legendary drops double, paragon, and the possibility of dueling. I'm almost 29 now, I started with d1/d2 and understood what made them great. I won't sit here and flame you as the damage is already done. But, if you'd like to fix it, gimme a holler! I'd love to see this turn around. Look back at any of my old posts if you'd like... they are angry, most of them, but full of good points.

Oh, and having a vendor on Act 2 in the hidden camp up by the portal was my idea, so I know you at least read my stuff... best of luck to you Blizzard... you at one point could do no wrong in my eyes, but those days are gone... bring good loot into this game without the use of AH and I may be back... otherwise... I'm probably done like most others. So long.
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Well this has me thinking even more now...

Since blizzard owns both games... it is blizzards fault? mmm possible but why destroy one game not both?
Since Players here do play both games is it part of the players fault? Maybe but not likely
Since the only thing different is strategy and ARPG is that the fault? Other ARPG's do good No..
Since the Dev teams are only thing left that is not different is that the fault? Only thing that is left that makes any sense...

To me the biggest difference is the starcraft dev team has a clear direction. path and focus to what they want their game to be. Diablo 3 dev team doesn't. they don't know what they want diablo 3 to be, its a mash up of ideas with a flimsy foundation. How else do you explain team deathmatch being scrapped at this point after 2+ years.
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What else would you call a passionate gamer who trolls this forum? You're entitled, but I wouldn't defend DIII because of "faint hope." A difference of opinion makes you the idiot. (sarcasm)

I don't know, "people"?

Why wouldn't anyone defend D3 if there were any hope of it turning into a good game? Diablo is a cherished series by many people and Blizzard removed a large portion of what made the series fun; great character development and a rewarding and innovative item system.

Dumbing down the Diablo series was the biggest mistake Blizzard has ever made. Those unhappy with D3 can still reserve hope that Blizzard realizes this before they start work on Diablo 4, but D3 is beyond repair; a failed "experiment".
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I dont get why people cry and whine so much about a game to be quite honest. some of the best fun in a game is losing. I like to play rpg's and die its fun. do crazy stuff and have crazy endings. I like this game because you can play SC and die a thousand times and just keep trying. I am not a pro gamer and play for fun - I learn slowly and like to read on how to make my toons better - sometimes I copy them sometimes I dont.
I do find the amount of QQ for this game is crazy, but I just roll my eyes and laugh. I am sure Blizz probably does the same for the most part but they also realise in some cases some people have legit gripes.
Personally I dont mind the changes I dont care what Blizz does... D2 was a great game. I have tried to play it again recently... its not the same... D3 in my opinion is better. Its all in the perspective of the player. You can have your opinions but so can other people.
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I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this topic.

Thank you.

I would say hang out in the sub forums more. They tend to be more civilized albeit not perfect either.
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01/03/2013 11:58 AMPosted by Ender
I almost feel sorry for you.

I don't feel sorry for me.

Do explain.
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01/02/2013 04:44 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Here’s the thing: there are lots of people out there that enjoy Diablo III

Are there?
I don't know (I might be wrong), but seems to me that D3 managed to be the highest grossing failure of all gaming industry's history so far.
Again, this is only me, I'm more than willing to concede that there must be tons of players out there hailing and praising this game.
A question: where are they? If they are so enthusiastic about the game, why don't they rush in massed armies to defend this (allegedly) shining title? Why do we see instead a constant flow of criticism, not only on these forums, but also all over the internet?
Wouldn't that be that the game is bad, and that those who are willing to defend it are actually less than those who voiced their dislike?

As for "constructive feedback", you got plenty of that. It should be filed under the voice "trashcan" in those big archives at Blizzard. I figure so, because you never gave any consistent answer to any constructive feedback, choosing instead an embarassed (-ing) silence whenever anyone pointed out some major flaw of this game (such as refusing to admit that Error 37 was in fact an inability on your part to deliver what promised when one bought your game).
You sell a game, you promise that the buyer will be able to actually play that game. If that doesn't happen, it's on the seller, not the customer.
You instead chose to put it on the customer: "Wait until some people will have left the game, and the situation will stabilize". Yes, you literally told us that. Guess what? I'm one of those who chose not to wait, but to leave.
How is it possible to give constructive feedback, when it is clear that you will never get constructive answers to that feedback?
Many pointed out that the game needed an offline mode. You just pointed out a number of nonsensical reason why the game should in fact be online only.

The result is well under the eye of everybody: Diablo 3 is the most "joked about" game ever.
Reasons are many: short duration, bad gameplay balance, virtually non-existing effort in the story, Error 37.
This game was managed incredibly bad, I figure there's no point denying it, since, again, the answer is right under anyone's eye, clear as the sun. You managed to screw up a huge franchise. D3 didn't deliver the right atmosphere, there was none of the old Diablo's sense of damnation, the plot was ridiculuous, and the voice acting was even worse. And how could you thing that cartoonish bright palette could EVER achieve the graphic level of "realistic immersion" the other two titles.

But I figure this is in no way constructive feedback. I suspect that your meaning of constructive feedback is "all hail Blizzard", so I won't bother further.
I just couldn't stand the "this is a good game" routine, because... It just isn't. Deal with it.
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The community also hates being misled.

From the AMAA *JUNE 15 2012*


Liquid5n0w: How happy are you with the progress on the PvP 1.1 patch? Are things looking good?

Jay Wilson: PVP is pretty fun, so very happy

So what happened???

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Here’s the thing: there are lots of people out there that enjoy Diablo III

Are there?
I don't know (I might be wrong), but seems to me that D3 managed to be the highest grossing failure of all gaming industry's history so far.
Again, this is only me, I'm more than willing to concede that there must be tons of players out there hailing and praising this game.
A question: where are they?

People who are happy with the game are much less likely to to come on the forums and just blurt out"hey i am super happy with everything about the game, it is awesome thanks!"

Just like any product you get. Say milk for instance. Your mom buys it, 99% of the time you drink it, make your little chocolate milks and leisure about with your crazy straws watching cartoons and playing video games never giving it much thought. You take the good things for granted, but no worries there this is common in today's society. But the first time it is just a lil bit sour oh heck no you gotta call up the store and raise 9 kinds of hell right?

Ever called up the store to say, oh hey that milk today was fabulous!

Same with this game. Just a bunch of guys whining they didn't get exactly what they wanted, meanwhile thousands of people are happy with the game you never even know existed. Well now you see one, me:)
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The point is... the game isn't fabulous... it never was... and we all showed our appreciation for the Diablo franchise and Blizzard by paying them money... yes, that green stuff that people use to buy things in modern society.... this and this alone is why the game was a financial success, because based on what we know now... It would have sold maybe half if not less than what it did based on it's current interation. Stop bringing stupid analogies to bear... I know what I wanted from this game... and I've certainly gone out of my way to help it improve by suggestions and posting in these forums.

If you like the game as is... you really are short sighted... because those of us who understand Diablo as a game and what made it fun, are laughing our asses off at your stupidity... why you ask? Because you love something that is "Fools Gold"... not real Gold... now, Blizzard is trying like mad to turn Lead into gold in some kind of !@#$ed up alchemy... but the people know better and we know the difference. So stop pissing up our collective asses here and just fix the game.

And, for those of you on "their" side... just remember you aren't a bigger fan or more loyal than those of us "glory days" fans... you're just happy with much less and are fine with mediocrity...
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