Diablo® III

Good game, bad community.

I would say decent game, new community.

Game is decent at best, but has amazing potential.

The general consensus from d2 vets is that this game is terrible when compared to d2. Those who continue play are either in it for the profitability, or most likely are hoping for change (fingers crossed for the correct change)

Everyone else that plays is likely from a new community.

@ PmP Cheers to your thought. I can understand this. I may not reply but i was frequent in past by reading a lot of posts. BTW i play on EU and i agree with you. I do read. A lot. When i played D2 10 years ago it wasn't this bad but there are some claims that it was. I ain't sure now. As i grow older i have something to say and some people do say but it's said in such a wrong way because they do not know how to behave around Internet. Respect is hardly earned and it can fall like wall of straws. Correct me if i did some typos please. I'm 30. I feel much older coz i went through some very bad !@#$ in my life.
My point is that people take for granted everything, feel untouchable and think that can do everything behind keyboards. Frustration can channel through kickboxing and other things not with if someone paid for game 60€/$ and feels dissapointed and bashes the keyboard with hateful posts. Community is young and inexperienced. If someone was banned it was with some reason (dunno about those wrongly banned) at least from my experience since i was an admin 6 years ago but in different type of game with live chat, bots etc...
It seems that this thread was designed for people who want this game to become great in it's own way but it needs time, in my opinion. something went wrong and they dicided it won't be good but general idea is there. Patience is indeed a virtue

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The only thing that puts me off playing this game is the AH. I feel that it trivialises the whole idea of Diablo. In the previous Diablo games trading items took more of an effort and you had to seek stuff out. In D3 you just bring up a window and buy it... Don't get me started on the RMAH.

I know it's down to choice as to whether or not you use the AH but you can't ignore you are part of a massive community that does. This for me takes the 'buzz' away from the Diablo experience I once loved #and still crave for# Whenever I play now, I'm simply collecting gold to buy the next item off AH... And of of course the guy next to me bypassed all of that and spent a few Euros.

And no HC is not the answer...

If they got rid of the AH I would be back on this game like a bulldog on a pork chop and so would at least 8 of my friends.
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The monk forums are pretty awesome.

Gear sets being given away, tons of helpful people, etc.
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12/31/2012 02:28 PMPosted by iwonsch
average game, dissapointed community
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Before reading just know this whole post is my opinion.

So everyday before I play Diablo I check Battle.net because I like to see what people are saying in the popular topics. The only downside is that every single day there is a at least one thread about how bad this game is, or where the flaws are. Now i can appreciate that some of the posts are well written, literate and informative. I.e, posts about what the overall community would like to see added to the game from a census of the community and trying to get the word to a CM and hopefully eventually to a developer. BUT then we have the threads of people raging and QQing about every other aspect of the game. I.e NERF RD TOO HARD!!!!!! Or THIS GAME IS SO BAD I WANT THIS AND THAT. It's such a depressant to see this when I still manage to have fun with the game, there is nothing more of a buzzkill than seeing people point out all the things that may not be perfect. I understand Blizzard still has a ways to go with the game and who knows, these next few patches could prove to really turn the game around; PvP, new design features etc. All i'm saying is that there are still people out there who enjoy the game and all the people who !@#$% and complain about everything are not accomplishing anything but making other people feel worse about the game.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this topic.

Thank you.

I might be wrong, but aren't you basically doing what you are chiding others for?

What is the point of this post other than to discuss how QQ threads are annoying and that doesn't seem very constructive.

I hate to say it, but if it seems like the diablo community was pretty bad from the start, it is because diablo 3 was bad from the start. Inferno was an ABSOLUTE nightmare and progression required you either roll a mage/demon hunter or just get super super lucky with gear. Remember that ilevel 61/62 gear was trash and blizzard recently boosted the stats they could obtain and that was pretty much the best you could hope from A1.

At this point, the only way to really improve the forums is not to make posts like these, but to post in the rage posts and calmly either explain that the changes they want are being looked at, such as the rd affix, or to give blues a chance to discuss it with the game designers. Don't rise to their taunts or get as excited as the rage posters do and over time, you will see an improvement in the forums.

Don't expect people not to complain about something they find annoying because that is unreasonable, within the media that is the internet.
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The community is pathetic nonetheless. Whined about leg drops, they improved it and now people are complaining that they don't have BIS stuff in 3 hrs, its called BIS for a reason S T F U. Don't get me started on effin RD. This game is medium at best, it'll get fixed sooner or later
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12/31/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Stryker
Before reading just know this whole post is my opinion.

People have opnions too and some dislike this game. Now go away if you don't like.
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01/02/2013 08:17 AMPosted by Leviathan23
This game is medium at best, it'll get fixed sooner or later

I guess the question here is how much later it will be fixed.

There seems to be a decent number of players who believe that alot of the mistakes and fixes that blizzard need to make, were mistakes and fixes that should have initially been implemented in the game to start off with.

This is why they bring up D2 and mention that if they had fixed a mistake there, why was the same mistake made in D3?
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If they lived up to their end of the deal the community would get better.

From the PVP blog: "we really look forward to posting more about dueling in the next few days."

So...Where's the beef?
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01/02/2013 02:37 AMPosted by YouMIRINbrah
and when i said inferno i meant inferno before mp patch came, theres a reason why i didnt add mp, you fking tard.

Quite mad aren't we? The original Inferno was a JOKE! Just a huge gear check... impossibe affixes on elite/champion packs, only way to progress was to get carried, camping/farming treasure gobs for hours on end... I dont even think you know what the original Inferno was! Nothing on your characters suggests that you could even do ACT II on the old Inferno -.-)

It's because of community outcry of impropper balance issues and a desire for more "end game"ish content that MP levels were even added! You think that if the game was fine how it was on release, they'd have left it alone... but people hated Inferno and the devs had to adapt to retain some sliver of a player base.

01/02/2013 02:37 AMPosted by YouMIRINbrah
yes the game is based on items, but as i said they buffed it so much that you dont have to kite mobs anymore, u can just stand there and hold that mouse button.

Well geared Barbs/Wiz and BIS characters can face tank... not you. Unless you have video of you face tanking elites on MP10... then you clearly don't have these "buffed items".
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if you like the game you shouldn't let other peoples thoughts change your enjoyment. but i think you are being unfair also. these so called idiotic topics have had a great impact on the game. has the game improved to you from the launch? it was these QQ threads that made that change happen. if everyone just sat there an just accepted the game as it was they would never of made changes it.

try to remember the people qq are not here cuz they hate diablo. they are here because they love diablo an looked forward to this game for 10 yrs. this game has been a total failure so it has people upset. but those people are still here qq to try an hope the game still gets fixed. if these qq threads didn't get made pointing out the problems nothing would ever get fixed. there qq is a effort to make this game you enjoy better

+1. I like this.
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This game is medium at best, it'll get fixed sooner or later

I guess the question here is how much later it will be fixed.

There seems to be a decent number of players who believe that alot of the mistakes and fixes that blizzard need to make, were mistakes and fixes that should have initially been implemented in the game to start off with.

This is why they bring up D2 and mention that if they had fixed a mistake there, why was the same mistake made in D3?

idk but like everything else you gotta wait, unless you have a time machine then sign my white @ss right up for that bad boy. But until then, complaining, b1tching, moaning, and cryin isnt going to get it done faster. this is my problem with 95% communities in games now a days, everyone wants it done right now and yesterday, after its released people will still complain and nit pick the piss out of it.
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i just think cm's need to delete post that dont have a positive impact on changing the game for the better.

post that just have someone crying about there issues in the game and not going into any but pointing out what things are a fail get nowhere but grouping ppl together to hate hate hate.

i understand ppl being mad go ahead post your hearts out but the cm's need to do a better job deleting them if they dont lead to any good feed back. i think if they did then the ppl ranting would have to see that they need to get there point across in a better manner. i think this would lead ppl towards creating more feedback that could help the game get better.

but i dont think ppl are wrong to voice there views in any way i understand being mad at anything and some one telling you to just stop crying can do no more then make you more mad. also i understand liking diablo 3 to because i do enjoy it and i know it needs work so i make threads that could help and seeing them flooded by other threads saying games bad blah blah make me feel like my post was missed and i get a lil upset that it didnt even get a link from someone saying this is being talk about here. makes me feel like everyone is done wanting the game better and just want it to die out.

these to outlooks on the game would cause ppl to argue with each other. look at the point it is at ppl that hate that game and want it to be better get mad at the ppl who like the game and want it to get better. the ppl who like the game and want it to get better get mad at the ppl who dont like the game and want it to get better.

its totally the cm's fault maybe they need more but what they do need is the lead the forum into giving them better feedback if that by being strict so be it but once the community stabilizes the game will get better faster.
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I'm sorry, but I beg to differ with OP.

The game IS bad. Huge letdown from the promises made by Blizzard, to the point I feel I've been scammed. If there was a "satisfaction guaranteed or money back" sort-of-like policy, I would definitely apply it to me.

Forums have been FLOODED by constructive criticism, saying what's right, what's wrong, what should be added, what should be removed. All this criticism has been outright ignored by Blizzard, for the most part.

And now that we start complaining because our voice isn't heard and we received close to non-existent transparency from Blizzard employees, we are called whiners. I mean seriously...
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the community is very bad - 50% are cheaters/flipper that don't actually want to play a game and have fun - their motives are profit driven only. The rest of the 50% are legit players who have stopped playing but are so disapointed by spending months of constant gameplay to finally realize they made a huge mistake. Basically everyone is bitter about this. On top of it all the game is awful.

Bad game, bad community.
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Clearly, in life you cannot win all fights.

At some point you must decide what you stand for, and this will cause other people to lose interest.

Thus far, D3 has shown that blizzard decided that the original players of d1-d2 be shafted so that they can attract more other people with values Diablo didnt use to stand for, in order to maximize profits.

Biting the hand that feeds you is never smart, even as it appears to be a gain in the short term.
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