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That has the same stats as mine, but with black damage? I've been looking for weeks now, and not one has popped up. I'm starting to think Black Damage takes up two affixes... Min/Max and %Dmg each being a seperate affix.

Wand I have has...
Max AP (standard),
Poison Based Dmg,
Native Crit Dmg,

I've seen Black Damage wands with LS APOC OS, but no native crit. extra 60% Crit dmg is really nice for meteor builds, but would love a black dmg wand for additional sheet dmg. if anyone has any insight on this id appreciate it so i can stop searching :)
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Only crafted wands can roll close to what you want. With a crafted wand the Max AP affix is 1 of the random rolls. All dropped wands get Max AP as 1 of their random affix rolls guaranteed. For example:

1st roll - Min/Max Damage
2nd roll - %Damage
3rd roll - Critical Damage
4th roll - Life Steal
5th roll - Open Socket
6th roll - Arcane Power on Critical
7th roll - Maximum Arcane Power(Auto rolled on all wand drops, but not on crafted wands)

Pretty annoying right :)
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bah terribly annoying. especially considering the fact that for it to roll +1k dmg, +50 crit, + 2.7 and 9-10 apoc is pretty much 0.

if i started crafting wands, with my luck, i'd craft 100m worth and closest i'd get would have 4 apoc or 2.2 LS or only half a socket or something bogus =_=
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+Max AP takes up 1 roll
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I have a wand like that in my inventory.

I don't know how you find out how its crafted in game, the way I found out mine was crafted was by looking at it in my profile when I had the item on my character.

I've got Holy Damage
Life Steal
Open Socket

Took me ages to find out why nothing would show up in the Auction House when you put all these affixes in.
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If only my wand had OS instead of Max AP it'd be exactly what you want
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