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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


maybe some reveison is necessary...just ya know....make it look more classic, all the characters lined up so you can see your force of demon killers in a lne up...

D2 that was my favorite part, seeing my massive amount of characters lind up
The chat is indeed an insult... I join games and I press enter then my msg thinking its automatic to party... Then lol they say my msg is not valid ...
And we need to be able to host pvp games with no ranking, that is so important I cant rank this more...
Make it so you cant farm in these games, just like new maps...
Make it so u can acces the ah from the game to price check things...
so that after duels u can trade or w/e
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8 pages and no blue responds on what they think about it and if they will pass to the developers and such lol gg blizz glad to see how much you care about the community

"and some here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4081810708?page=1 "

As well as:

And at least a dozen other threads with less responses.

People weren't so enthusiastic about it in the past.
Now that people have experienced Battle.net 2.0 for themselves... Well, just look at the the responses in this thread.
blizz will never implement this. why?

because F U thats why
wow. very nice...lol. this was prob a guy that blizz fired cuz he wanted credit for his ideas and they gave him the finger and the boot..lol
Great job mang! I can't believe something similar to this isn't already implemented.
do this blizz
All you did was copy D2... I think Blizz has considered your proposition.
I like the last screenshot. I really wish they would bring back named games.
Ah, but can it create named games?

With passwords?

this + bump
Ah, but can it create named games?

With passwords?

this + bump

If I mock that up I'd have to actually think it through because I'd be functionally designing it... with my current 4 images, they're just (as people have pointed out) rehashes of what the menu could look like.

Might be a fun challenge though, but I may not be talented enough to pull it off lol.
nicely done! this is what we want blizzard!
very cool! and very visually appealing. i'm impressed!
This thread gets my +1... and MY AXE!!!!
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Ah yes this again.... I hope you know that these screenshots or ones just like this were out at beta and Blizz still ignored it.....
Is this a .... chat room !??

These have been around since the beta. Bashiok (remember that guy?) even directly commented on them.

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