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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


12/17/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Agamemnicon
Or bring back being able to join games with game names (so we can choose a PVP room/trading room/Key grinding/ubers)

How awesome would this be? If I want to grind keys or Ubers, currently I either A) Hope that my ever-dwindling pool of friends is online, or B) Hope that I can use the chat to find people, which is a PITA.

Imagine this: You can see the game name, monster power, and Act. Even better: you can see how many NV stacks the party leader has! If he's got 0 or 1, go ahead and join, but if they've already gotten 3-5 stacks, look for another game.

Also, right now I am so. very. bored. with this game. I can only do so many A3 speed runs on MP1 before my forehead literally hits my desk. I would love to browse a bunch of available games.. heck I'll do a Whimsy run once in a while with a group just for fun. Or I could join games where people ask for "help" on a certain quest.

I believe that enhancing the social aspect would bring a missing element back to this game, and it would help a LOT more than some people think.

Couldn't have said it better myself sir bravo
They would be too arrogant to admit Bnet 2 needs changes.
Most of the time trolls linger the chat system we have now and will make fun of you for wanting to do a run...kinda disheartening.

I just want to make a game -> public it -> Game name -> done.

Would be cool to only allow certain class or paragon...to filter through when PvP comes around..

That's the only way to make a successful Diablo -> let us join the rooms we want to join and not randomize it...

Kinda hard to imagine how that discussion went while d3 was in development.. do we let the player create a room and name it, or randomize everything...

Named games would definitely enhance the multiplayer experienceof this online only game.

Not hating though, love the game and couldnt care less if they changed the UI of the menu all that much.

Nice work on the mock-ups though, they are well done!

This is exactly the sort of thing I would love to see in D3. Just a shame how there are no blue posts on here. So much for this thread and the blue posts. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7392739689

Listen to your fans BLIZZARD! We are the hardcore gamer's and we know what we want!
I actually, really like how these look!
This, I like it.
!@#$ing love it !!!!
Cut it in half and swap those two, because I like those buttons on the side instead of in the middle. They look weird like that (though maybe I'm just too used to them one the side).
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12/17/2012 03:08 PMPosted by Sandman366
Cut it in half and swap those two, because I like those buttons on the side instead of in the middle. They look weird like that (though maybe I'm just too used to them one the side).

No, I think they look weird int he middle as well. I think version four is pretty much perfect.
Love it!!!!!!
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to the top por favor
+1 should be like +9132834890
any of those interfaces would improve the game up way above its current standing point with almost the whole community, i'm glad someone brought it up because i've been wanting to. and i know several people that quit and would start playing again for this change. please.
Bump, because this is exactly what I wanted to see from the beginning.

For those who didn't know, if it hasn't been mentioned already, I remember reading something about Blizzard changing the old Battlenet appearance because they didn't want to clutter it up and be confusing to the players.
Not withstanding the fact that it was very intuitive and it was easy enough for the 12 year olds to figure out.
Have you guys learned nothing about Blizzard? You are supposed to flame the shizer out of the OP and repeatedly remark on how terrible the idea is if you want it in the game. All you have done here is guarantee that this will never happen.
I really, really like this. It brings back the social and community within the diablo game. The chat screen is larger, people will interact more. The characters are a representation of that person. The current version has little to no social interaction.
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