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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


12/17/2012 04:08 PMPosted by Quog
You are supposed to flame the shizer out of the OP and repeatedly remark on how terrible the idea is if you want it in the game

Ok.. Hey OP you are a friggin idiot if you think this is an improvement over what we have. Blizzard should never ever ever never ever ever never never take this idea seriously. Stripping the chat screen of functionality and turning it into random matchmaking was a stroke of brillance. LESS is MOAR!

Dear Blizzard, we Diablo 3 players like being told what is fun, like being told how the game should be played, and we like it when you patch and nerf things to fit into your gloriously and benevolently myopic vision of what D3 can and should be. Please do not give us the option to see other players' avatars, join named games, or have any sense of cohesion and community with fellow D3 players.

*crossing fingers this works*

Really awesome pics!
thats exactly wuts been missing
this game is too isolated
the interface need improvement big time to catch up with D2
I wish a CM would at least say, "Sorry. But this is not in accordance with my Shadowy Overlords whims. Although I think it looks nice and appreciate the effort more than you will ever know."
12/17/2012 03:30 PMPosted by Iskra
Cut it in half and swap those two, because I like those buttons on the side instead of in the middle. They look weird like that (though maybe I'm just too used to them one the side).

No, I think they look weird int he middle as well. I think version four is pretty much perfect.

The top could work, but eh. Down the middle though is a definitely no though.
I would agree that V4 is probably the best out of them.

Hey Blizzard, futz with your stuff so we can choose between ALL of them at ANY TIME! If we want one design, we use it! If we want another, we change to it! Wasn't that one of your top points for D3? "Build diversity"? Well, we didn't really get millions of options for skill builds, so you can compensate a little by giving us other kinds of options, like how we want our menu to look.
I love this idea! just like costume games, travel between acts and 8 party members!
Bump for a much better feature than pvp - community interaction!!!

Save your game blizzard and please implement this!
Doesnt look awesome but 100000x times better than the actual crap we have online, improve D2 chatsystem and dont stick to the current crap, thats a kick in your fanbase balls.
BlizzActiVindi has to be implementing stuff like this already with upcoming clan functionality to their games. Hopefully it is this good or better. If they simply implemented a clan chat join to their current system I would be saddened.
Sooooooo nice!
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Two hundred and fifty posts and I think that I saw two people who don't want something like this implemented.
+1 billion yes yes yes!
I'm all for V2 but more polished. It looks cramped in there. 3 and 4 ain't for me
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<3 this!
This is awesome !!! BUMP
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