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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


Believe it not, this has already been posted right after the game came out. Blizzard has already seen this and ignored it. My take is that they don't have the talent or the right design philosophic to pull something like that off.

hi blues :) just pointing out the obvious
i really don't get why any of these designs is better than what we have now. they are all cluttered, filled with unnecessary details, buttons, flags and whatnot. the current design has everything you need.
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12/17/2012 06:08 PMPosted by Sorc
this has already been posted right after the game came out.

It was actually posted like 2 months before launch, and has been posted at least once a month since. There was support for it then and even a blue response, but the support was nowhere near as overwhelming as in this thread. I guess people are finally fed up with Bnet 0.2
I feel like this would be a great addition to the game as it stands, the game makes you feel so alone when logging in. I remember the D2 Battle.net 1.0 and it far surpassed anything that D3 and SC2 offer... Hell, Diablo 1 offered a better chat interface then is being offered to us with this "Battle.net 2.0" I am not sure why they would have even though this tiny little chat screen in the bottom corner of your monitor was an upgrade...

The Screenshots posted offer so much in terms of socialization, and flaunting... Take a gander at all my items on my character, rendered IN GAME... Not some B.Net Profile I have to click through on the forums.

I remember scrolling through characters and picking out what each item was by look and color alone in D2... Green/White Bone Helm, must be Vampire Gaze. Sorceress decked out in a Purple Black metalic armor, must be Tal Rashas set.
New Blizzard sucks.. they totally butchered battle.net

I miss the old battle.net with an actual social community.
Bump. It never feels social in this damn game except when you're in a bidding war for a mid tier item.
All of my yes.
Fuk you JW why no D2 login screen.
12/16/2012 01:13 PMPosted by Dirtpoor
Blizzard. Please hire this person or at least reverse engineer all his great ideas and deny him credit.
i get ur joke but ..... u don't "reverse engineer" a mockup.
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Love the ideas. Good mix of old D2 feel with all the modern art and grace.
Please Blizzard, Please.
Man those look amazing. Makes me want to play the game just by looking at them. That's the type of social atmosphere D3 needs desperatly!! Props to the artists, Blizzard needs to hire them asap
It does look quite good, gotta admit.
Love it. Looks much better than what we currently have.
Overwhelming positive response in this thread, something the blues should definitely consider.
Unfortunately this will just get ignored.

However it looks awesome, brings only positive to the game with zero negative, it's like a straight, all green increase on an item, why not equip it?
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