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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


Why are randoms on a fansite better at designing the game than paid professionals at Blizzard, out of abject curiosity?
Blizzard, this is what we the players want, not what you want.
If you mod your game you deserve a ban, The game is fine stock.
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12/18/2012 04:53 PMPosted by Vertigo101
If you mod your game you deserve a ban, The game is fine stock.

Thanks for displaying your stupidity for everyone to see. This thread is not about mods.
Awesome, I miss D2 chat so much...
If blizzard was smart they would do away with both lobby systems altogether and learn from Poe.

Where everyone starts in town, and from there you choose what party/game you want to join. Poe seems x10 more alive then d3 thanks to everyone running around in town chatting it up.

That also seems really cool. I think the future of these types of games will be a virtual presence, rather than simple menus.
I approve.
I would totally love this to be implemented. I would also like when i'm whispering someone that it doesn't default back to general chat after I send my reply...
bump for this, it's a good improvement!
Looks good. I think it would be cool if the bases that the player was standing on corresponded to the paragon lvl character symbols. Might look a little cluttered on a smaller screen. Maybe rather than having all of the other characters, simplify it to only the last 3 played.
Bumping for the greatest justice!
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Thanks for passing these on!
12/18/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Lylirra
Thanks for passing these on!

Nice! D3 Dev! Get working!
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Nice! D3 Community Manager! Get working (i.e. sending that feedback to developers)!

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12/18/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
Nice! D3 Community Manager! Get working (i.e. sending that feedback to developers)!


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Its the same thing but with more cluttered screen. How is this an improvement?
Be advised that PVP will be delayed to 1.20 as this is now a priority and will be implemented in 1.10...

ok, joke... I usually don't do such silly jokes but I know it would have come. I was not a fan of PVP in Diablo II but I guess I will take a look at it also in Diablo III.
Well you guys inspired me to make a bit more... on the dfans post I just added V4 with a public games popup :O Not sure if the format I chose was the best, but cool to see anyway.
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