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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


tahat is just amazing - hope to see that implemented soon or at least in exp pack
I agree, this function should have been in Bnet 2.0 from the beginning.
The d2 social communication part was simply amazing and I see not why this should have been removed at all. What is the point in playing a multiplayer game when you could as well have played singleplayer?
Funny how Blizzard deny making D3 + SC2 a singleplayer game whilst removing the best social features the old bnet version had. Its controversial.

D2 had it all, you could see people in the channel, chat with them, make specific games, custom channels. All of which Bnet v2 is lacking.
Well ok, Starcraft 2 does have custom channels.

I totally hope something like this is being implemented. I approve :D
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Do it right now!!!!!!!!
What about a customizable UI? Let us move things around to our own liking?
Yeah at least now it looks like a community game with chat, more efficent option laid out for you and everything, we need it implemented!
I would pay £5 for them to just add this :P
Just another example of how good it would be to actually listen to the community.
Awesome changes. +1 would buy

Also Bnet 2.0 < Bnet 1.0
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great idea!
Just implement this :) !

I feel alone in my lobby. So lonely.


like v2 most, hate chat with transparent background blocking off the screen, have a real window to open/close with hmmm... 'm' ????
Also it seems to have a real channel, like in d2 with chars present, v3 looks too much cluttered and like a half done compromise to me... v2 knows, what it wants.

The bar between the information and channel chat window should be made slide-able, so one can increase either window by shrinking the other one.
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12/18/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Lylirra
Thanks for passing these on!

Is this a joke?
Dont act like you havent seen these pictures before! You knew about these ideas during the beta...there were multiple threads about this, highly rated on both EU and US forum.

And according to YOU guys, you read the forums everyday, so its impossible to miss
Will take 2 yrs.
YUS Do it!
12/19/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Mellodiez
Will take 2 yrs.

"It will be done when its ready." official Blizz policy
Very Nostalgic I love it... :D
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