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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


I think this is a very possible change for expansion.

I recall people !@#$%in about the baaaaad Battle.net UI in Wings of Liberty.

the SC team eventually listened and implemented many of things the community requested in HoTS
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I'm glad to see this thread still going. I think the UI needs a lot of work as well. It is very difficult to join channels, link items with friends etc.

My friends and I use mumble to play and we normally have to invite everyone to a witch dr chat room to link items for everyone to see. It is very annoying and difficult, also people PM us about the items that we aren't even talking to.

It would be nice to be able to make private chat rooms and view profiles/avatars etc.
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Great to see this thread is alive and well
this would be a huge improvement from the current UI. great job to whoever did this, and hopefully we'll see the current UI modified or replaced down the road...
anything without a chat window is better than what the op "spread"-ed.
Love this, and I totally miss being able to pick which games I join.
I like the first one the best. Reminds me of Diablo II.
12/18/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Lylirra
Nice! D3 Community Manager! Get working (i.e. sending that feedback to developers)!

Is there any answer from developers yet?
This is Incredible!!! .... its soo good I just want to buy it... and for you who don't know Sixen is a legend!
Any news about devs work ?
03/21/2013 07:49 AMPosted by glasgow
Any news about devs work ?

Everytime this thread comes back up I just feel shocked that blizz simply has not hired this guy yet and put this at the top of the priortity list. It's like a no brainer.

I mean these are literally 1000 times better than what we currently have. Currently they are not even close to making good use of the screen realestate.

And there are such nice little features in there as well. The current date and time for example. It's such a minor minor thing to display and it's great they put it in game, but then missed it on the title page. I can't even tell you how many times I was sitting on the home page and I thought to myself 'what time is it?' then looked around for a second only to remember it wasn't shown on the home screen and I had to be in the game.

The avatars at the bottom are just out of this world with the banners and all. What a step up from D2. It just gives you a sense of community.
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A single amazing piecework shouldn't be enough indicative to actually hire a person BUT should actually get a really good pointing in the right direction.

I would actually want to see other creations and ideas of the person before moving forward to hire someone but nonetheless, they should actually use his idea since it's a really interesting and amazing idea.

While I believe UIs and game overall graphics and appearance is completely regarded to the creator aka Blizzard, I believe they could at least do more research among the community what we would like to see and experience
Blizz strategy:

We like this, so blizz says they like it too and see what they can do about it. Then keep us highly anticipating for years to come.
It shouldnt be this way. It should be us who is making the game & designing the game. If blizzard is out of ideas, try to hire us instead. :P

Not really. I wouldn't like the community to design and make my games.

There's a huge difference in listening to your players and getting feedback so you can improve your design process (which they are the professional ones, paid to do do) and focus your games on what would surpass your customers expectations...

...and actually letting your playerbase design your games. I don't even believe a game would actually be finished if this were to happen, since so many players think in so many different directions that they'd never come to a conclusion and follow with a design project.
03/21/2013 08:18 AMPosted by Tank
A single amazing piecework shouldn't be enough indicative to actually hire a person BUT should actually get a really good pointing in the right direction.

I was overstating that a tad on purpose ;)
Wow! So awesome. +1
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