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D3 revised Battlenet Screenshots! Must See!


One does not simply


fixed it.
It may look nice, but it doesn't really do anything to improve what's wrong with the game. Easier / more attractive menus before entering the game don't really mean much...

I admit it looks nice but there are SO many more important things they could work on.

Team which was developing Battle Net 2.0 is apart from Team who made game.
You can't Change anything, Team from D3 can't change it also.
There was thousand of posts like this since beta, nothing changed. ;-(

I agree, please make d3 interface look like this, the chat windows "were perfect" back in d2, I dont know why you guys/girls decided to change them and take them totally out. Should have had the community Vote on whether or not we all liked the old b.net interface, and then go from there, either way too late now. Please reconsider the existing interface and give the people what they want, thanks :)
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We don't need this. Enough epeen stroking happens already. There literally is no need at all for this garbage. -1
I'm currently taking a break from gaming (too much to do for the holidays, too little time) but I had to log in just to comment on how awesome this is. I especially like the tab in the bottom left corner that displays the avatars and banners of everyone in chat. Let's hope that one of the mods sees this and decides to pass it along to the higher-ups.

It may look nice, but it doesn't really do anything to improve what's wrong with the game. Easier / more attractive menus before entering the game don't really mean much...

I admit it looks nice but there are SO many more important things they could work on.

Yes, there are bigger problems with Diablo 3, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't fix the smaller problems, especially when they're this easy to fix.

Currently, there's a variety of wildly different arguments about what should be done to improve build diversity, itemization, and other "more important things". Each side makes some good points, but there's no real consensus.

On the other hand, EVERYONE agrees that the chat and menu systems in D3 are sub-par, especially for a title from a AAA developer. Blizzard could fix these flaws in a single patch, and earn some much-needed goodwill from fans. It's not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing as well.
It only looks different and fresh to everybody. The design is too messy and not clean. Too many things loaded in one screen may cause performance issue. Not practical at all. Not everyone needs everything as shown on the mockup screen while needing to wait for those unneeded items to be loaded. Load only what you need and when you need in the optimum speed is the best design. I feel that the existing design is fine, clean, and cool enough.
I support this but just to let you all know, we're all putting an effort for nothing. Trust me, Blizzard won't even glance on this.
Vote for Nr.2

Realy nice work, but i think everybody needs pvp runes runewords ect more then this at this time.
While they did away with most of the suggestions and criticism during beta, the situation might have changed now. Back then they were riding on a tsunami of anticipation and praise for their old games. Now they are facing the blunt reality that their assessments of what we like and think is fun were wrong and they developed a broken game that nobody wants. The realization that a good name alone doesn't make a good game and you actually have to listen to people and do some thinking might have taken some time but it's not completely impossible for them to be more open to community suggestion now they are facing the ruins of their "work". Nobody at Blizzard wants the game to be dead in a year. And that's pretty much what we're looking at right now.
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that inferface look awsome .

but , i would rather want the devs to add content to the game instead of waisting 2 month or even more to set that interface up, i am not the type of player who sit in the interface room
and chat with people so this wouldnt change my gaming experience i have with d3.

drop rate are fine but, the quality of most of em are all worthless and it always the same item
that drops , frostburn , gidbin, ivory tower... list goes on n on n on, those item dont even deserve the name legendary they are so awfull
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like it
Damn nice.

Pity Blizzard isn't gonna care...
Do this now. The nostalgia is unbearable.
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The current chat/character screen is an insult to the Diablo franchise's functionality and legacy.

if only that is
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Great idea! Updating bnet to have more features such as custom channels/games,etc such as this would make it 100% better!
8 pages and no blue responds on what they think about it and if they will pass to the developers and such lol gg blizz glad to see how much you care about the community
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I definitely support this as well, the mockup screenshots look awesome. I'd be willing to bet there are players out there that even have them as their desktop wallpapers.

Not sure they could implement that with a simple patch, but hey...even if they make you download a free separate launcher or chat program that produces THAT result, people would still do it for the communication purposes.

One of my favorite aspects, by the way, of D2's Battlenet, was when you hopped into the General Chat after selecting your character and seeing a cavalcade of different level characters at the bottom of the screen. You'd see a brand new character with no nickname attached because they just started next to a level 99 battle-hardened freak decked out head to toe in endgame gear.

Sure, a feature like Hostility encouraged people to fight each other randomly, but I feel like that kinda interface helped bring players together also. I understand some of Blizzard's reasoning when it comes to thinking D3's system is more social, but the execution seems to lack.
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